Elon Musk to demonstrate the working of Neuralink Device on Friday

Elon Musk’s Neuralink

The owner of Tesla and SpaceX, the fourth richest man in the world is back with something new. The social media is trending with the recently declared news by Elon Musk, wherein he promised to show the working of Neuralink Al device. So, let’s get deep into it.

Elon Musk to demonstrate the working of Neuralink Device on Friday

What is Neuralink?

Neuralink is basically a device that will be fitted into the human brain surgically. After that, one can communicate and control mechanical machines and equipment. Furthermore, it will also bring a new in-depth analysis of the electrical signalling in the brain. The Neuralink will lead to experiments and research that might be useful in curing mental disorders.


What can we expect in the demonstration? 

According to a tweet, Elon Musk will be presenting the working of his company, Neuralink’s device on Friday at 6 PM ET. He initially announced the progress update of the device on August 28 in July and now, has given a little more details about what will be shown.

Elon Musk made a remake that the update will have a second-generation robot redesigned to utilize the company’s technology to understand the brain and its mechanism. Medical scientists all over the world have heartedly welcomed Elon’s invention as it has the potential to cure paralyzed patients with neurological disorders as well.

What makes the device better than other BMI devices? 

The devices available in the market right now use stiff electrodes which are studied to damage the brain cells. Neuralink is looking forward to creating a device that has, comparatively, thinner, and more flexible electrodes. Also, they are trying to make the installation process as easy as Lasik Eye Surgery.

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The advantage of the same is that the installation may not need general anaesthesia. Will reduce the cost of surgery and neurosurgeons to a great extent making it affordable. However, this is just a plan as of now according to Musk’s reply. A tweet where he said: ” Far from Lasik, but could get pretty close in few years”.

How will the demonstration happen?

As of now, there is reported, no update about how the demonstration will be done. However, keeping an eye on the company’s YouTube channel and Elon Musk’s tweeter handle is the best one can do for now. Also, save the date- August 28, 6 PM ET.

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