Dr Disrespect SLAMMED for Saying “Mobile Gamers Aren’t Real Gamers,” Later Apologizes

Dr Disrespect is the popular, controversial figure in the internet and gaming world. He has returned to streaming after facing a permanent ban from live video streaming platform, Twitch. Guy Beahm recently involved in the new controversy against mobile gamers. He tweeted that mobile gamers aren’t real gamers. The internet personality quickly realized that his statement wasn’t received well by gamers. He later apologized for his controversial remark.

Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch banned the streamer from the platform due to unspecified reasons on June 26. The 38-year-old internet personality claims that he also doesn’t know why the platform has banned him permanently. It has been two months since the ban and the reasons are still unexplained. However, after a brief break, Dr Disrespect is back to streaming, and he streams playing video games on YouTube.

Dr Disrespect paired with Indian PUBG Mobile player, Sc0ut.

The new YouTube gaming celebrity recently teamed up with another popular PUBG Mobile player, Sc0ut (real name Tanmay Singh). The Doc paired with the professional PUBG Mobile player on August 22 and played various video-games. It was during that moment; he recalled his controversial tweet from a year before. Dr Disrespect champions club reminded him about the tweet since he has been enjoying streaming video games with a pro mobile gamer, Fnatic’s Sc0ut. Dr Disrespect felt embarrassed for a moment and later apologized for his old tweet.

Guy also mentioned that he has now got ahead of his previous statement and now doesn’t feel the same way. He mentioned that the tweet was a spur-of-moment-thing and asked Sc0ut that he had ever seen the tweet. Sc0ut responded that the thing was completely fine, but never confirmed that he had actually seen the tweet or not. Sc0ut has an immense amount for Dr Disrespect, as he was amazingly hyped after Guy subscribed his channel and asked to team-up during streaming.

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Following his return to streaming on YouTube, Dr Disrespect has teamed up with several other gamers, including PewDiePie. The two gamers played recently launched battle royale game Fall Guys. Dr Disrespect had a hilarious Fall Guys bet against PewDiePie, and PewDiePie won the bet.




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