Dr Disrespect starring as Himself in his Own New Music Video & People Can’t Take it Seriously

Dr Disrespect never fails to amaze his fans. He literally surprised the Champions Club with a brand new music video featuring himself. Fans are stunned after Dr Disrespect dropped a music video that stars none other than the ‘Guy’ himself. The music video titled, Eclipse is available in his YouTube channel and also in Spotify.

For the Champions Club, it wasn’t only the surprise announcement. He also confirmed that he is reportedly working on a memoir, which chronicles the 38-year-old’s life as a video game streamer. Both announcements came after the gamer recently returned to streaming on YouTube. He was on a brief break after Twitch permanently banned him from the platform.

As a matter of fact, Guy Beahm himself doesn’t know the reason behind the permanent ban. He even swore that he had no idea why the video live streaming platform banned him. However, the fans think otherwise, as they believe that he knows, but he is embarrassed to reveal the reason. The platform banned him on June 26, but have never explained the reasons, even after two months. Dr Disrespect has just signed a new lucrative deal with the platform back in March, prior to his permanent ban.


The music video is available on his YouTube channel. The streamer himself has sung the song, which was written by a SoundCloud artist, J+1. In the music video, Dr Disrespect chillingly drives a sports car across the city highway at sunset. The background is amazingly rendered metropolitan cityscape, a video similar video quality, we saw in Dr Disrespect’s previous productions.

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As for the music, it is a smooth microgenre of electronic music called synthwave tune. The tune is entirely opposite to Dr Disrespect’s caustic and notorious behaviour. The song is actually chilling. One can feel the Twitch ban influence in the music. Even though it’s unusual for a video game streamer to release a song, his loyal fans seem to really enjoy it.

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