North Korea FAKED Kim Jong Un Recent Appearance, He is in COMA For Months

The new reports claimed that the dictator of North Korea has been in a coma for several months. The state media previously released various photographs, confirming that the leader has made a public appearance. However, a recent report mentioned that all those public appearances were faked.

The allegations were made by the former aide to late South Korean President Kim Dae-Jung, Chang Song-min. Song-min reported that the despot has suffered critical health blow, and has been suffering severe illness. The illness has caused the leader to go into the vegetative state. The Sun reported that the public appearances showed by North Korean media were all previously recorded, and the leader is in a coma.

The news came after a recent report claiming that Kim Jung-Un’s sister, Kim Yo Jong, is prepared to lead the country. In fact, some reports claim that the sister has already been helping to rule over the country. Kim Jung-Un is, however, still alive and the succession structure hasn’t been formed.

In early April, there were rumours circulating that the Korean leader died after botched heart surgery. Later, the reports claimed that the leader didn’t die but went into a vegetative state. The North-Korean media reported otherwise, claiming the leader was doing absolutely fine. However, the reports weren’t independently verified.

Following Chang Song-min’s allegations, North Korea’s state news agency has now released a new photograph of the ruler attending a meeting. Kim Hung-Un, who looked healthy in the picture, attended the meeting to tackle the coronavirus crisis and typhoon. The images were released through the Associated Press, not the independent journalist. Whether the images were true or fake, it hasn’t been independently verified.

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There is Zero COVID-19 Confirmed Cases in North Korea

North Korea has been suffering from economic problems due to flood and border closures. The country hasn’t reported any confirmed cases of COVID-19, but reports claimed that there are several prevailing cases. The state news agency reported that the meeting was conducted to implement the prevention of casualties due to the upcoming Typhoon Bavi.


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