How to Delete Shein Account in 2023 (Easy Guide)

If you didn’t know, setting up an account on a website and on a social media site can be very different. Since not all websites and services are the same, when it’s time to say goodbye, you may have to do it differently than you did with another service. If you have no idea how to delete a Shein account, here you get easy way to delete your Account.

If you’ve used SHEIN to look around and buy things, but now you want to delete your account and all the information that goes with it, this post will help you do that.

How to Delete Your Own Account on Shein

There are a lot of reasons why you might want to get rid of your Shein account. You might be worried about how Shein does business and want to cut ties with them.

You might be spending too much money on the things they sell, so you might want to get rid of your credit card and shipping address to avoid the temptation. You might be deleting your Shein account because you want to protect your privacy.

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We can help you no matter why you want to delete your Shein account. Here are the steps, one by one.

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Step 1: Go to Your Account and Sign in

You can sign in with your Shein email address and password, or you can use Google or Facebook to sign in.

Do you find it hard to remember the passwords for your accounts? Use a password manager so you don’t have to change your password every time you try to get into an account you don’t use often.

How to Delete Shein Account

Step 2: Click Your Name

In the top right corner, you can find your profile. It looks like a drawing of a person and is next to the purse icon.

Step 3: Click on “My Account”

From there, you’ll see a menu that drops down.

Step 4: Click “Account”

When you get there, you’ll have more choices.

Step 5: Click “Delete Account”

Shein will check your account for three things before deleting it. First, they will check to see how the account is doing and if it is safe from hackers.

Second, Shein will check to see if there are any orders or transactions that are still pending on the account.

Lastly, Shein will make sure you don’t have any money left in your “wallet” or credit on your account from returning an item.

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Step 6: Find Out What Happens When You Delete Your Account

The company will keep going with the process if your Shein account can be deleted. But first, you have to confirm that you know what happens when you delete your Shein account.

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First, you need to confirm that you know your account information can’t be recovered once it’s been deleted. This means that you will lose all of your files, images, and records of how you talked to people.

Second, you should make sure that Shein says you should save a copy of your data.

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Lastly, you are asked to confirm that you don’t have any more credits in your Shein wallet, since those credits will be lost when your account is deleted.

Click “Continue” once you agree with this information.

Step 7: Say Why You Want to Get Rid of Your Account

You can choose from

  • More than one Shein account
  • Concerns about privacy and safety
  • Incorrect information on the registration
  • Don’t buy Other any more

At some point, you might be shown information about how secure the Shein website is and what steps they take to keep your information safe.

Step 8: Enter the Code that the Company Sent You to Confirm that You Want to Delete Your Account

Shein wants to make sure that no one else is deleting your account. So the company will send you an email with a code. Then you have to go to the website and enter the code to confirm that you want to delete your Shein account.

Please know that if you change your mind, you have three days to cancel the request to delete. Just log in to your Shein account, and the process of deleting your account will stop.

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Your account can’t be fixed after three days.

Shein’s website also tells you that if you can’t delete your account by following these steps, you can contact a Shein representative for help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why Can’t I Delete My SHEIN Account?

There’s no specific way to delete your account on SHEIN, so the only way to get rid of your information is to ask SHEIN to do it for you.

2. When I Delete my SHEIN Account, What Happens?

You will lose everything in your account, including records of your conversations, files, and pictures. You can’t use your account to look around SHEIN’s website and buy things. Check out the information in your account and find out if it can be deleted for good.

3. How Many Shein Accounts Can You Make?

Because exchange rates change, the order amount may change by a small amount. Thank you for being able to understand. The SHEIN VIP service is free. Only individuals can join SHEIN VIP, and each individual can only have one account.

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