Wilko Johnson : UK charismatic guitarists died at the age of 75

Hello! entertainments buffs. Welcome back to your favourite section. One of the most renowned guitarists and actors from Games of Thrones breathed his last recently. The news of the sudden demise of Wilko Johnson came out on Monday. A wave of sadness ran through the fans. What is the cause of demise? Was he suffering from a serious ailment? Read the article to learn more about this story.

What is the cause of Wilko Johnson’s demise? 

British blues-rock band Dr Feelgood’s guitarist Wilko Johnson experienced an unexpected career resurgence after learning he had a terminal illness and had passed away. He was 75. Moreover, Johnson said he had late-stage pancreatic cancer in early 2013. Furthermore, this prompted him to announce a farewell tour. He had significant surgery and was confirmed cancer-free a year later.

This decision to “not get any chemotherapy” was made public on Facebook at the time. After being given nine to ten months to live, the musician unexpectedly had a professional resurgence. On behalf of Johnson’s family, a message was released on his official social media channels on Wednesday, confirming the musician’s death on Monday evening in southeast England.

What is the cause of Wilko Johnson death

What did Wilko Johnson say after getting diagnosed with cancer?

It hit me all at once that nothing was important anymore,” he told the Associated Press in 2013. “Normally, I’m a miserable schmuck… In my case, I’d be preoccupied with thoughts about the tax man and other little matters that distract us from what matters in life. And now it seems to be irrelevant. In the end, it doesn’t make a difference.

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As you go down the sidewalk, a surge of vitality washes through you. You exclaim, “Hey, check out that leaf!” When you finally open your eyes and realise, “I’m alive,” you’re in this moment. Amazing, right?

A glimpse of Wilko Johnson’s life

Wilko Johnson, born John Wilkinson in 1947, grew up on the Isle of Canvey, an industrial oil town in the estuary of the River Thames in England. Before creating Dr Feelgood with some local buddies, he attended Anglo-Saxon literature at Newcastle University and worked as a schoolteacher.

His band played blues and R&B, which were out of style at the time, while dressing like “shoddy bank robbers,” as Johnson put it. Johnson’s jagged, relentless guitar approach gave Dr Feelgood a lethal edge. Moreover, his thousand-yard stare made him a perfect fit for the part of  Ser Ilyn Payne on “Game of Thrones.”

Johnson reflected, “I’m very sure we’d be multimillionaires. But we didn’t. We were geezers from Canvey Island. We were wonderful buddies, then we fell out.” if the band had been able to obey its managers’ demands to behave. Furthermore, Johnson afterwards joined the Blockheads and spent a long time playing to a loyal following, mostly in the United Kingdom and Japan.

We lost UK' charismatic guitarists at 75

Wrapping up

The sudden passing away of Wilko Johnson shocked the fans. Moreover, the Game of Thrones actor will surely be missed. Furthermore, fans will miss his peculiar role and breathtaking stare. May the departed soul rest in peace.

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