G.T.A. 6 fans are all excited after cryptic comment from Sony on their Tik Tok

New leaks about G.T.A. 6 have made fans of the series crazy. The leaks have shown essential details about the game and given us our first look at how it works.

These clips show an early alpha version of the game, so players should keep that in mind. Take-Two, which owns Rockstar, has already sent out DMCA strikes to get the leaks taken down.

What are some of the common rumors spreading?

The G.T.A. 6 video leak has proven some rumors true while others have been proven. The leaks suggest that interactive N.P.C.s will be more interactive.

In the game, you can see how N.P.C.s react to what’s happening around them. They look more interactive and respond to what the player does. This was clear from the clips that showed how the cops in the game were much more intelligent than the protagonists.

What more can fans expect?

The female protagonist confirmed Fans had hoped that the main character of the newest game would be a woman.

One of the most important things that the leaks showed was that the main character is a woman. In past G.T.A. games, the main character was a man, seen as a welcome change. Even though the leak only showed how the alpha build was played, the character models were surprisingly detailed.

The gameplay for G.T.A. 6 was leaked so early that it almost looks like a finished Ubisoft game. Most test runs for alpha builds are done in environments that aren’t finished or broken. But the leaked clips show that G.T.A. 6 already looks much better than G.T.A. 5. The city streets look like they are in Miami because they are lined with tall buildings and palm trees.

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Can we find unique cars in G.T.A. 5?

Since the leaks are from alpha builds, it might be a little early to say this, but the vehicles in the game seem to have a lot more detail. Inside the car, as seen in the clip, each control was used separately, just like in a racing simulator game that would need these details.

Some clips even show how players can change how cars act in different game parts. In one of the clips, the main character sits in the car’s passenger seat and points a gun at the back.

Is it a modern version of Vice City?

Leaks showed that the wait was worth it because the open world is more like a modern version of Vice City. After almost 20 years, the game returns to where fans liked it best. There were a lot of direct references to Vice City. For example, one of the clips showed the famous Malibu Club.

One of the clips had a label that said V.C.P.D., which is probably short for “Vice City Police Department.” Fans also knew one leaked clip was from Washington Beach, a place in Vice City.

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