Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin all the details about the series.

Yet again, with another bang-on script on what and who is next. We are here with some best of the best and top information, just for you. The series Pitch Perfect – Bumper in Berlin, created by Megan Amram and Elizabeth Banks, is a new series that’s out n about on Peacock. Kay Cannon did characterization, and the series is a spinoff of Pitch Perfect.

The new series was printed on the 23rd of November 2022 on Peacock, the original Network where the series is aired. The main cast includes names like Adam DeVine, Flula Borg, Sarah Hyland, and Jameela Jamil. The series is an English series and is produced in the United States.

The new series Pitch Perfect- Bumper in Berlin contains 1 season and has a storyline that intrigues the audiences.

Let’s find out more!

Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin StoryLine

The storyline speaks volumes about Bumper and his life in Berlin, where he’s trying to turn his viral TikTok into real fame. He sees himself stumbling into flirtatious encounters and success with a secret songwriter Sarah Hyland plays. Sarah Hyland is playing the Character of Heidi.

Moreover, it has also been reviewed that the Character Bumper is stretched too thin in the series, which seems pointless, and a spinoff for no reason.

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The series does carry out the Pitch Perfect tradition of comedy, and pretending Cappella is way big of a deal than any alive person.

Bumper Allen heads to Berlin to make his career big in music while where he finds out his one soundtrack HAS made it big in Berlin.

The list of Episodes in Pitch Perfect : Bumped in Berlin Season 1

The new Pitch Perfect series Bumper in Berlin contains just 1 season for now, with 6 episodes:

1 – Backpfeifengesicht

2 – Torchlusspanik

3 – Verchlimmbessern

4 – Streicheleinheit

5 – Mutterseelenallein

6 – Lebensabschnittspartner

German sure can be difficult!

All things that you need to know before watching S1 of Pitch Perfect

The Cast and Crew

The cast and crew of the film have a list of actors who have profoundly shown and played great roles, and now it is time for Bumper in Berlin.

The cast list includes-

  • Lera Abova as DJ Das Boot
  •  Sarah Hyland as Heidi
  • Flula Borg as Pieter Kramer
  •  Adam DeVine as (Main character) Bumper Allen
  •  Jameela Jamil as Gisela

The Crew involves names like-

  • Megan Amram – The creator (also the executive producer)
  • Elizabeth Banks, Max Handelman, Paul Brooks, Scott Neimeyer & Adam DeVine- The executive producer
  • Brownstone Productions, Gold Circle Films, and Universal Television- Production Company
  • Todd Strauss Schulson – Director of the First 2 episodes.

The whole cast and crew have worked immensely to bring out the jist of the original movie of Pitch Perfect Bumper in Berlin.

The Cast and Crew of Pitch PerfectWhat are some Phenomenal Factors in Pitch Perfect?

The newest series, released yesterday, on the 23rd of November 2022, on Peacock, has many phenomenal factors. What makes the show phenomenal is the spirit of entering college and living an independent life. This attracted many young adults relating to a life that Bumper Berlin is working towards and living in the series. The show has been experiencing immense success since its release.

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From the first few episodes, it is obvious that the first Pitch Perfect movie will not be brought up in the series in any way. The series is altogether a whole new level of Pitch Perfect.

What makes the series as it goes along very interesting is that the main member of the sound group Das Sound  Machine got stuck in a pickle, as we see in a huge public scandal, as .he used the soundboard even though the group’s beatboxer had his piece ready.

Where you can binge-watch the series?

Though as we all that the series will be available on Netflix to stream. But no, the exclusive streaming rights for the series is Peacock. Moreover, now your new binge-watching platform will be Peacock.

So get your Comfy Chair and Pop Corn Ready for the watch!

Why is Pitch Perfect: Bumped in Berlin a much Watch


Q. What does Pieter determined to do for Bumper in the series as it goes further?

A. Pieter is determined to rebuild his status and image by Bumper for stardom.

Q. What is the soundtrack’s theme in the latest Pitch Perfect Bumper series in Berlin?

A. In the New series aired on Peacock, Pitch Perfect Bumper in Berlin has a soundtrack theme of German Songs and American songs. This seemed to lack the fun of a riff-off.

Q. Who is known to play the best performances out of the lot?

A. Heidi is considered the best performer out of the lot.

Q. Who is known to be the main antagonist in Pitch Perfect Bumper in Berlin?

A. In the Pitch Perfect series, airing on Peacock since 23rd November 2022, has the main antagonist, namely the main character, Bumper Allen.

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Q. What to expect from the teaser of the latest series released on Peacock,  Pitch Perfect Bumper in Berlin?

A. The series trailer unleashes Bumper stepping back into the shoes of the iconic character that he is.

Final Take 

The series has the main character who runs the show and who the show is about, Bumper Allen. He is also known to be the antagonist of the series. He heads to Berlin, Germany, and works on making it in the music industry when he finds out his one soundtrack HAS already made it big.

But as the show moves further, the antagonist makes him the antagonist because he messed up during a performance where he played a soundtrack. At the same time, the beatboxer of his music crew, Das Sound Machine, had already prepared his piece.

Although the latest series was released on Peacock on the 23rd of November, 2022, and is doing quite well. It involves a lot of adulting and independence, attracting young adults’ adulting.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to us for some more upcoming releases.

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