“Hulu’s “Reboot” is a meta comedy”

Reboots of popular TV shows like Fuller House, iCarly, How I Met Your Father, and Bel-Air have been on the rise in recent years. Even Frasier has undergone a revamp. Sitcoms have been rebooted. But up to this point, no sitcom has been about a reboot. 

Here comes Hulu’s Reboot, a comedy from co-creator of Modern Family, Steven Levitan. Also, it is about the group in charge of reviving a sitcom from the early 2000s.

Is that comedy? Step Right Up is a movie about a stepfather getting along with his new family—the group: of producers, actors, and writers who can’t agree on handling this new show.

Gordon (Paul Reiser), the original creator of Step Right Up, and Hannah (Rachel Bloom), the showrunner for the relaunch, frequently disagree on the show’s tone. She wants it to be a gritty, darker interpretation of well-known characters. But he wants Step Right Up to be precisely the same.

The cast

Hulu's Reboot: Plot, Cast, Release Date and Everything Else We Know

When Reed (Keegan-Michael Key) quit Step Right Up searching for serious film opportunities, his career stalled. He sees the chance to portray a more complex version of his original role in Hannah’s idea for the Reboot. 

Bree (Judy Greer), whose stint as a Scandinavian duchess went sour, is looking for a change. At the same time, former child actor Zack (Calum Worthy) tries to transition from child success to adult renown. Loose cannon Clay (Johnny Knoxville) is just trying to keep his life under control.

When it comes to mocking the entertainment industry, Reboot excels

Reboot gets laughs, which should be no surprise, given the talented ensemble. Its funniest and most memorable moments frequently involve jokes about the entertainment industry. 

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Hence, the growing popularity of comedies straddles the border between comedy and drama. The edgy new approach of Step Right Up is described by Reed early. The pilot is “the funniest thing you have ever read, yet you won’t laugh once.”

The algorithm-based streaming industry and outrageous dating show premises also make fun of Elaine. Elaine is the vice president of comedy at Hulu (Krista Marie Yu) and is “new to comedy.” 

But an expert at determining who is viewing. (Alyah Chanelle Scott), a new cast member is from the well-liked reality show Fuckbuddy Mountain. Then it resembles MILF Island from 30 Rock.

Reboot demonstrates how much television has changed as Hannah and Gordon struggle to cooperate. Watching the old guard and the new clash is entertaining, especially in the writers’ room. Reboot, which is both a sitcom and a parody of previous comedies, plays with this tension. 

Yes, it features slapstick and montage-worthy antics. But it also delves into the character’s broken relationships. It also has a little bit more leeway than a network sitcom. Because it is on Hulu (hence Fuckbuddy Mountain). 

The satire on Hollywood in Reboot never quite hits the heights of The Other Two or Barry. But its jabs are nevertheless savage and perfectly sarcastic. Thus demonstrating the show’s enormous potential.

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