Andrew Morton: Who is this Royal Biographer? What is the Conspiracy Theory about Princess Diana?

Are we all ready to go through some royal stuff? If yes, we have got you covered with someone who has strong ties and is a close aide to the Royals. We are talking about this royal Biographer named Andrew Morton. He has been writing about the British Royal family, and it’s been more than four decades now.

He was recently in the news after the demise of Queen Elizabeth II. Moreover, every news channel covered him and his reactions to her demise. The biographer left the place long ago. However, he was back after the end of the 70-year rule of the monarch in the UK.

Interestingly, he came to cover the historic event for a news channel. Britain entered the time and moment of national mourning after her passing away. The monarch was carried forward to King Charles III.

Let us walk through more to learn about him.

What was Andrew Morton reaction to Queen’s demise?

He came back to Britain after a decade to cover the national mourning. The UK was in a state of national mourning, and he witnessed that. He was covering the news for ABC Network.

“Even though it was expected, intellectually and emotionally. You think that she’s impregnable,” he says of his reaction to the news. “So there was that element of shock, and then you move on.”

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A glimpse of Andrew Morton Life

Andrew Morton penned thirteen royal books unfolding the royal mysteries for the public. He is an English journalist. Moreover, he is acclaimed and applauded for his significant work in writing. Interestingly, he is known for writing royal biographies. The author began his career in journalism in 1980.

Moreover, he worked as a general reporter for a British newspaper, The Daily Star. The author is known as NYC’s best-selling author. Interestingly, he discovered much about the royal family through Princess Diana.

Details about Andrew Morton

What is the conspiracy theory about Princess Diana?

Andrew Morton recalls that Princess Diana was desperate. She wanted to tell the wider world her story and what she was going through. Moreover, it was fascinating to witness that he even wrote the book Diana: Her true story. Interestingly, he calls this work his “Unauthorized, authorized biography.”

Furthermore, Andrew Morton even mentions how the Royal princess wanted to reveal the Royals.

Most importantly, Diana made the recordings during her lifetime. Furthermore, she handed them to her friend and middleman, Dr. James Colthurst. He then gave them to Morton to write the book. However, Morton did not divulge that Diana had been the inspiration behind his writing until after her death in a vehicle accident in 1997.

How did he meet the Royal princess?

Morton claims that in his role as a journalist, he had met Diana a few times. However, he did not get to know her very well. The fact that he was a free spirit and a buddy of hers. Her Friend James Colthurst helped seal the deal when she was looking for a reliable author.

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She could be sure that her message would reach its intended audience unfiltered, as he was not associated with any media organization. The princess did some investigating about him before she went with him. He explains that he could use the knowledge in a story because of her editing.

Furthermore, it helped her feel in charge of her chaotic life. He recalls,” It didn’t occur to me. Moreover, I don’t think anyone else did. Just how much she needed to tell her story.”

How did he get the recordings of Princess Diana?

To conduct the interviews for his biography, he posed as Diana’s acquaintance, James Colthurst. Colthurst would go to Kensington Palace with Morton’s questions and a tape recorder and bring back Diana’s taped responses.

Accounts of the two men’s experience in the intervening years are relied upon to explain the workings of the secret relationship. Moreover, Morton later claimed that the event was like an espionage thriller.

After listening to the cassette recordings, he published a revised edition titled Diana: Her True Story – In Her Own Words. She wanted to reveal her struggles and her husband’s extra-marital affair.

Andrew Morton’s biography of Princess Diana

Andrew Morton’s controversial book reveals her husband’s affair with Camilla Parker Bowles. The book also draws light on her battles with bulimia. Most importantly, the biography has also made a shocking revelation. Moreover, her attempted suicide was one of the few shocking details revealed in his controversial biography.

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In Britain, Morton’s revised book caused a storm of criticism after it was released. Buckingham Palace threatened to have the book banned. Furthermore, the Spencer family was extremely grieved. Subsequently, they sought legal counsel on ownership of the audio recordings after he was accused of exploiting Diana’s death commercially.

You can watch an exclusive Netflix adaptation of this book. The Netflix series Crown unfolds the royal drama behind the scenes. Moreover, fans can watch and rejoice the season 5. It will premiere on November 9, 2022. The season is set to show the drama between Diana’s covert partnership with Andrew Morton.

Subsequently, it will have a subplot based on Morton’s book. Moreover, fans will learn the original story of the best-selling biography.


Q.Why did he come back to the UK after a decade?

Ans. Andrew Norton returned to the UK to witness the national mourning after Queen’s demise.

Q.What did he want to cover after her demise?

Ans. He wanted to cover the queen’s pasang away for ABC news network.

Q.Why is he famous?

Ans. He is famous for her controversial royal book Diana: Her own words.

Final notes

Andrew Norton’s contribution to writing biographies of Royal can be seen over the past four decades. Adapting his most controversial books unfolds major and breakthrough revelations about Princess Diana.

We can see all this suspense and thrill of the Royal family behind the curtain on Netflix’s original series The Crown. Moreover, it is suggested don’t miss out on the fun of knowing the drama of the Royal family.

Catch up for more such entertainment updates!

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