Taylor Swift Midnights Song Anti- Hero had to be edited to remove the word ”fat”

The action was in response to criticism that one sequence in the Anti-Hero music video was fatphobic. In one of Taylor Swift music videos, the term “fat” changed.

The song’s original video showed the pop artist going onto bathroom scales. The vocalist Taylor Swift and her alter ego can both be seen in the bathroom in the music video’s original version. It was before the spinning dial revealed the word in the upgraded versions available on YouTube and Apple Music. Swift only receives a disapproving glance from a doppelganger standing to one side in the upgraded versions.

Taylor Swift appears to have edited Anti-Hero music video following 'fatphobia' backlash

Promotion for Fatphobia

A change was there due to criticism from some fans and public figures. They claim that it was a promotion of fatphobia. According to Catherine Mhloyi for Teen Vogue, the word “fat” appears on the scale. Then she decided to describe her inner demon, the dread of being called fat, or fatphobia in its literal sense.

Shira Rose is a US Fat eating disorder therapist. Shira says that people do not need to have it emphasized yet again that it’s everyone’s worst nightmare to look like us. A person’s eating issues do not justify their fatphobia. She is battling with his body image today, rather than she is a fat, nasty pig, which is not difficult to state. 

Taylor Swift removes 'fat' reference from Anti-Hero music video after getting trolled - India Today

Statement by Whoopi Goldberg

However, Whoopi Goldberg then stated on her panel show, The View. Whoopi says that not everyone agreed: just let her feel what she feels. If you do not like the song, do not listen to it.

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Music Video by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift composes and also directs a music video. In the music video, Swift says to show her nightmare scenarios and intrusive thoughts playing out in real time. Taylor Swift admits to having an eating disorder in the early 2020s. Also, she occasionally starves herself if she feels her stomach is too big.

Furthermore, she admits to a magazine. Hence, she stopped eating because of a headline that said she appeared pregnant. The song “Anti-Hero” is from Taylor Swift’s latest album, Midnights. The Midnights album this week broke the Spotify record for most albums streamed in a single day. 

Her description of the CD includes the phrases “a trip through terrors and pleasant dreams” and “13 restless nights strewn throughout her life.”

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