Midnights by Taylor Swift being labelled as dull and disappointing

Even though it may please die-hard Swifties, Midnights lacks coherence and clarity. It seeks to include elements of Taylor Swift’s earlier works. Taylor Swift’s promise to soon allow us room to dive into our thoughts. 

He pressed play on Friday morning, ready to let my thoughts out and make oblique references to my date in the songs. He wasn’t shocked to see that Midnights was a combination of these previous endeavours after nine studio albums. Also, the most recent of which was a genre-flirtationship. 

The songs, however, were not written in Swift’s signature style. Her unfiltered emotions in timeless albums like Fearless and Red were able to conjure the feelings. Reasonable in light of The Album Midnights is positioned as Swift’s late-night stream of consciousness.

Former features of the Midnights

Lavender Haze and Maroon give the Album a promising start. The former features a synth-pop foundation with smooth lyrics that capture the rumours circulating. But in this case, about her six-year relationship with actor Joe Alwyn. 

The track is thrilling and seamlessly transitions into Maroon. It echoes her Red era with more synth and sensuality, although that may also have to do with the song’s title. It contains well-known themes and lyrics.

Midnights’s lead single, Anti-Hero, is an honest and unfiltered lyrical list of everything Swift dislikes about herself. 

The song has the potential to provide a novel perspective on her struggle with herself in an era. Instead, supporting the Anti-Hero is challenging due to the uncomfortable coupling of peppy pop and even more awkward lyrics.

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Stars in the Song of the Album Midnights

One of the most anticipated songs from the album Snow on the Beach stars one of music’s original sad ladies. Also, Lana Del Rey hopes for an improvement and a dosage of the piercing pain of heartbreak. 

Instead, a Taylor Swift song with background vocals by Del Rey that echoes like a shadow is what we hear. The song has so much unrealized promise that it is ripe for the love spiral she alludes to in Lavender Haze. Instead, the most detailed description of what snow on a beach would look like is, “Weird, but fucking lovely.”

Midnight Rain picks up the pace again, adding a touch of maturity to Swift’s typical heartbreak anthems. It further demonstrates that she created her name while he wanted a bride. He stayed the same.

Review: Taylor Swift's 'Midnights' Is a Disappointing Album

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Launch of the Second Half

The record’s second half launches into a revenge playlist by Midnight Rain. But it doesn’t imply everything makes sense. Swift may inspire to write Vigilante Shit by the laughter. 

Think Better Than Revenge with a lot of excellent lady energy, as in the Speak Now era. The song’s hard-hitting words are with a raspy, funny-enough Lana Del Reey-esque flair, which is a welcome change. 

Mastermind, a rousing track that reveals who has been in charge throughout, closes the Album. As the beats intensify and echo around her words, it leaves you feeling uplifted and with a hint of a smile on your face.

For ardent Swift fans, the Album contains enough to make them laugh, cry, light a candle, and gaze up at the night sky. Even though it lacks cohesion and effortless mastery of some of her earlier albums, it still demonstrates her artistic growth. 

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