Hayley Williams confirms she is dating her Paramore bandmate, Taylor York

Paramore is back with new music and a romance involving two of its members. Taylor York, the guitarist, and Hayley Williams, the vocalist, have admitted their relationship. Hence it is after more than two years of rumors. They discussed their relationship in a recent interview. 

No Details Regarding Williams and York Relationship Start

York, 32, and Williams, 33, gave no other details about their relationship to the newspaper. So, it’s unclear when their relationship started. However, accusations began after York’s 2020 solo album Petals for Armor was available for purchase. 

When the song Crystal Clear which includes a snippet of Friends or Lovers by Rusty Williams, was released. she told Pitchfork that it was about falling in love.

Locating love She told the outlet, “she emphasized falling. Because, despite my anxiousness, hardness, or any other aversion to vulnerability, I couldn’t help falling in love.”

Founders of Paramore

Williams, Josh Farro, Zac Farro, and Jeremy Davis co-founded Paramore in 2004. The band gained notoriety for the Misery Business and Ain’t It Fun tracks. In 2007, York joined the group when the other members were completing the Riot album. Even though the band’s roster has changed multiple times since he joined, he has remained a member.

Relation of Williams with Chad Gilbert

After dating for eight years, Williams previously wed the guitarist for New Found Glory, Chad Gilbert, in 2016. The pair announced their separation in a since-deleted Instagram post from July 2017. That union is not for the weak-willed.

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Statement Regarding Their Relationship

They’ve been dating for more than ten years now. They asserted that they grew up together and have been there for one another through good and bad times. They are trying to comprehend your own heart while in a relationship could be challenging. 

Regardless of your heart, it’s good to consider another person. Getting married takes courage. Love poses a real threat. And it’s up to us to keep a positive outlook even when the outcome differs from what we had previously predicted.

“Love is an ultimate peril,” they continued. Only this time, we want to declare that our relationship is ending publicly. Saying that everything will be well for us is something else we feel is essential that our friendship will remain outstanding and robust.

Williams talked about how she composed for Paramore’s music in an article she penned in 2018. She discovered that mental well-being and physical health are connected thanks to the After Laughter CD.

Writing helped me restore her broken heart. Williams added “both joy and pain, which he can now feel. He is back to my old self, as my mother would say. He is the one who takes over his body and makes him temporarily forget who he is. He had hoped to die a few years ago.” The sixth studio album by Paramore, This Is Why, will be available through Atlantic Records on February 10, 2023.

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