GTA 6 Leaks: Leaker claims to negotiate a deal with Rockstar

The internet is abuzz with reports of the significant GTA 6 leak. However, a new development has occurred. The leaker is currently attempting to negotiate a deal with Rockstar Games. Further, its with the parent company, Take-Two Interactive, to access crucial resources related to the future game.

The leaker is now attempting to contact developers to negotiate a deal with them. Also, the leaker says that they have the source code for two titles. The leaker has said that he may soon reveal additional information. Because he has GTA 5 and 6 source code and materials, this information is according to a tweet published by video game fan and journalist Tom Henderson. 

Based on the source codes, the GTA 6 leaker is willing to negotiate with Rockstar

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The leaker updated the initial GTAForums post, as seen in the previous post. The leaker stated, “he was trying to negotiate a deal. Along with giving the developers’ contact information.” They also appeared to add that they had received over 3000 Telegram messages inquiring about the leaks.

Upset by the Gaming Industry over GTA 6 leaks

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The whole gaming industry was upset by the leak of over 90 clips for GTA 6. The available stuff included several in-game mechanics. Also, there is no grant for users to view it. The renowned Bloomberg columnist Jason Schreier established the leaked video’s authenticity.

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Nightmare Circumstance for Rockstar Games 

According to the journalist, the circumstance was a nightmare for Rockstar Games. Because it would temporarily interrupt business operations further, it could prompt management to limit work-from-home flexibility for its staff. It is a serious issue that might have several effects.

How Rockstar is handling all the GTA 6 leak issue

Here are some of the most well-known figures in the gaming industry’s responses to the situation—the whole leak includes 50 minutes of GTA 6 footage in total. And provides various insights into the future game as in a YouTube video.

According to the leaks, the game could have two playable protagonists, one of whom would be a Latina woman. Additionally, several clips imply that the forthcoming game will take place in Vice City. It is as desired by the audience. One video shows a metro rail with the following writing on it.

It suggests that, as previously reported by Jason Schreier in an article, players can anticipate the return of their beloved Vice City. In July of last year, he predicted that the new title would have a playable female protagonist. The Vice City terrain for players to enjoy. As of right now, Rockstar hasn’t made any formal comments about the enormous leak. However, users might anticipate a public admission of the problem sooner or later from the developers.

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