Kathy Ambush: Check the Key Detailes Of Ex Wife Of Clarence Thomas?

The well-known American Volunteer, Kathy Ambush needs no special introduction. However, being a volunteer isn’t the only thing that makes Kathy a famous personality in the USA; what brings her into the limelight is her divorce from her ex-husband, who is none other than the lawyer and jurist of the US Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas.

While Kathy always prefers living far away from the fame or media, her divorce has always been a topic of discussion, thus making her a focal point every time she steps out. Since Clarence Thomas is one of the most influential figures in the USA, the attention and a kind of hatred are quite obvious for Kathy.

But apart from being a wife of the senior associate justice of the Supreme Court, Clearance Thomas, who is Kathy Ambush, what are her hobbies, what does she like the most, what is her net worth, and how is she dealing with her life after her divorce?

If you want to get answers to these questions, then your search ends now. Our experts have dug deep into Kathy’s life and compiled a guide for your readers. Don’t look further and keep scrolling the page to find out every single thing about Kathy here.

By the end, we bet you’ll get mesmerized by this figure and start seeing a completely different personality.

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A Brief and Formal Introduction of Kathy Ambush

Kathy Ambush, or Kathy Grace Ambush, was born on 6 June 1950 and she is 72 years as of now. Her Zodiac sign is Gemini and she is currently living in Richmond in Virginia, United States.

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Kathy is the daughter of Nelson William Ambush and Shigalo Gladys Sato. Her father used to be a dental technician and she was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, United States.

Kathy is not the only child of her parents and she grew up alongside her four siblings, namely Karen Thande, Stephen Ambush, June Ambush, and Benjamin Ambush.

She attended Marian Central Catholic High School and then went to Lincon University to earn a degree in Business Administration. Kathy was quite unfortunate from her childhood and the first unfortunate came when her mother died in 1984 and her father got married to another woman, namely Mary Estelle in 1986.

Kathy also has two step-siblings from her father’s second marriage, namely Valerie Wilson and Sydney Schuyler. She has Afro-American ethnicity with American nationality.

Kathy Ambush Professional Life

While Kathy is prominently known for being Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife, she has her individual status which makes her an independent woman.

Kathy used to be a director of the Massachusetts Advanced Studies Program at Milton Academy and she occasionally volunteered for Global Internet Entrepreneur. Kathy also worked at the Immigration Learning Centre and as a Community Relations Manager at BankBoston.

While she has worked in various occupations and institutions, her years of professional career remain unknown, or you can say mysterious. But all in all, she is an independent woman and does not just depend on her husband for a living.

What about Kathy Ambush’s Divorce From Clarence Thomas?

So now that you are aware of Kathy Ambush’s early age and professional life, let’s just uncover some of her personal life with Clarence Thomas regarding their divorce.

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It is believed that Kathy met her first husband Clarence Thomas through her mutual friend in 1969. At that time, Clarence was a college student at the College of Holy Cross and Kathy studied at a nearby women-only college.

They started dating a week after their meeting and dated for two years since they were in college during that time.

Kathy and Clarence were madly in love with each other and therefore, they finally exchanged their vows on 5 June 1971 at Saints Episcopal Church in Worcester when Clarence completed his graduation.

On February 15, 1973, the couple welcomed their first baby boy, named Jamal Adeen Thomas. Clarence Thomas was struggling at that time and he didn’t spend much time with his family.

If rumors are to be believed, then Thomas’s lack of family time and his drinking habits has led to the downfall of this happy relationship. The couple separated in 1981 but finalized their divorce in 1984.

However, since Thomas was a lawyer and knew all law tactics, he succeeded in getting sole custody of his son Jamal Adeen Thomas, when he was a teenager. After their divorce, Clarence moved to Virginia Lamp and worked hard to become a jurist in the US Supreme Court.

At present, Thomas is one of the most influential figures in the country and all that happened after his divorce from Kathy Ambush.

What is Kathy Ambush’s Current Marital Status?

Wondering what happened to Kathy and is she still single and living a divorcee life? Well, hold your horses of imagination as Kathy moved on after her separation from Clarence.

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Thomas and she got married again to another man, namely Douglas Allen Smith. She is currently living a happily married life in Richmond, Virginia.

Kathy Ambush’s Net Worth

It’s hard to figure out Kathy’s net worth as her professional career and financial status are still a mystery for everyone. Since her background is not that comprehensive, we cannot give any approximate idea of how much money she has made throughout her career.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s all about Kathy Ambush, the ex-wife of Lawyer Clearance Thomas. We hope our research has helped you learn about this hidden personality and gave you a clear idea of her present life.

Sometimes, God has written a different fate than you have chosen and the same is perfectly true for Kathy and Clarence. While these love birds tried hard to save their marriage but God has some different plans and partners for them, and the rest is history.

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