Hailey Bieber talks on claims surrounding her stealing Justin from Selena Gomez

It may be challenging to marry one of the world’s most famous men. But what if that man was once involved in a highly public relationship with one of the most renowned women Hailey Bieber, Justin Bieber’s wife, must deal with this reality. Now the model is talking about accusations. Hence, she snatched her husband from Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber’s ex and a fellow pop star.

Hailey Bieber’s statement in a teaser video

A teaser video for a future edition of Alex Cooper’s podcast, Call Her Daddy, was released on Monday, September 26. Hailey stated, “she believes there is more to the tale than most people think in a teaser video for Cooper. “

She was then asked whether there had been any overlap in her relationship with Justin. His relationship with the Same Old Love singer. She said, “This is so crazy. She has honestly never talked about this ever.”

Hailey retorted. Like, ‘Oh, you took him’ comes from a lot of hate and repetition. People need to know the truth because there is a truth. As of early 2016, the Peaches singer shared a picture of Hailey and Justin kissing on Instagram. 

Hailey Bieber’s relationship with Justin

They had been friends since around 2011 and had begun dating. A month later, Justin acknowledged their relationship in an interview. The singer was ready to embark on a tour at the time. So Hailey was clear that they were not an exclusive couple.

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When you consider Justin’s highly publicized relationship with Selena, things become slightly tricky. Beginning in 2010, the two young celebrities, dubbed Jelena, dated intermittently for eight years. The Lonely Singer first dated Selena, then Hailey. Then Selena finally went back to see Hailey. He later wed in 2018.

Timeframe Between the Relationships

Some fans assumed there was an overlap between the two relationships. Because the timeframe is a little hazy from an outsider’s perspective. Or, at the very least, that Justin was secretly dating Hailey. He was legally dating the Ice Cream singer. 

Some of Selena’s 2020 album Rare’s lyrics only served to fuel these rumors. In the No. 1 single on the Billboard Hot 100, Lose You to Love Me. 

Hailey Bieber’s Call Her Daddy Airing

But on Wednesday, September 28, when her episode of Call Her Daddy airs, the public will finally hear Hailey’s story. The teaser video for the attack was shared on the podcast’s official Instagram with the comment. 

“For the first time, @haileybieber speaks up about the public-generated conflict between her and her husband’s ex. Hailey makes it plain that she wants to talk about this once and only once.

Hailey Bieber discusses her husband, Justin Bieber, ‘s previous relationship with Selena Gomez. Also, it is a preview of her participation in Call Her Daddy. 

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