Ferne McCann has allegedly branded Sam Faiers a ‘narcissistic b**ch’ in a shocking audio clip

In a shocking audio clip that went viral on Wednesday night, it was said that Ferne McCann called Sam Fayers a “b**ch narcissist.” It happened hours after Ferne, 32, was accused of calling a former TOWIE co-star a “fat c***” and of making fun of her body in another recording by saying her thighs were “too big.”

What did she say?

“She’s just a narcissist, and she doesn’t care,” Ferne, who is said to be describing Sam, 31, in the audio note, said. When the message changed, Ferne seemed to say, “It’s a copy. It’s not fair to those who have worked hard. Since she has so many fans, this is silly.”

Along with the clip, an Instagram account said, “FerneMcCann, what a jealous woman you are talking about your best friend Samantha Faiers, who you have known for 20 years. “As a friend, you should stand up for your friends and not talk about them to other friends.”

A Fern representative was asked for comment by MailOnline. Ferne is said to have sent the voice messages to a friend on WhatsApp in June, just a month after Sam had her third child, Edward.

Ferne McCann 'brands Sam Faiers a "narcissistic b**tch" in leaked recordings

What shocked all?

After the first videos were posted online, Sam’s mother, Susie, got horrified. This morning, she posted a message about it on her Instagram page, which has 270,000 followers.

Susie wrote, “So, after a few days of pain and discomfort, I could no longer sit still and say nothing. Moreover, The awful voice tone has been going around social media, and now press articles call it a “runner,” which it isn’t.

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This has taken my family and me by surprise. Over the past 20 years, Vern has been a close family friend to all of us. This voice message was sent in May, just a few weeks after Samantha was born. Since this voice note became public, more have been sent, which is very scary.

“We’re as surprised as you are! Nobody should ever talk like that about their friends. My girls mean the world to me, and I’ll do anything to keep them safe. I have nothing more to say about it.

Billie Faiers breaks social media silence after Ferne McCann's 'vile' voice note drama - Mirror Online

What sources have been cited?

A source told MailOnline, “It’s normal for Sam to be hurt and upset by these comments. However, these are especially coming from someone she thought of as a good friend. She doesn’t understand why Ferne chose to talk about it in such an insulting way.”

Sam stopped following Ferne on Instagram and blocked her after hearing the entire message. The message said, “Sam Faiers is fat, her thighs are really big, she looked skinny today, and yes.”

She said she was called a “b****” during the show on Sunday night. While on TOWIE, she insisted that she was different from what the cameras saw.

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