Amazon News Update: New Kindle Scribe with Pen Input

The all-new Amazon Kindle Scribe is one of several new products that Amazon has unveiled. The most recent Kindle model has a pen. It allows for reading and writing input. It is by way of Amazon’s fall virtual event. Furthermore, the product debuted on the international market.

This Kindle product will compete against comparable products from other brands. Also, no other brand can easily compete with Amazon’s massive eBook library and ecosystem.

Amazon Kindle Scribe availability

When starting with the accessibility of Amazon Kindle Scribe, it has not yet been made available on the Indian market. However, given its substantial user base in the Indian market. Further, there is a good likelihood that Amazon will launch the same in India very soon.

Amazon Kindle Scribe pricing 

The Amazon Kindle Scribe is available for pre-order. in the United States for $339. Then this equals roughly Rs 27,728 in Indian rupees. Three storage options are available for the e-reader: 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB.

The standard model comes with an Amazon entry-level pen. You can choose the $369 Amazon Premium Pen. Additionally, this Amazon Kindle scribe comes with a superior pen, reader, and shortcut button. Hence it is nearly Rs 30,182. 

Details and features of the Kindle Scribe

The 10.2-inch 300ppi Paperwhite display comes standard on the Kindle Scribe. The Kindle Oasis heavily influenced this display. The reader has a significant bezel. Hence it makes holding the scribe pleasant.

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However, the Kindle Scribe weighs about 433 grams. Thus the users can describe the item as somewhat heavy. The reader’s hand is magnetically attracted to the pen offered alongside it. The user shouldn’t even be charged. It relies on electromagnetic resistance (EMR).

Customers will have a more comfortable reading experience. It is owing to the addition of stylus support. You may use the pen for various activities. Furthermore, it includes creating notes and constructing to-do lists. Moreover, the user can use the Amazon Kindle Scribe to highlight particular passages in novels.

The send to Kindle function enables you to send Word or PDF files from your computer to the reader. Also, the Kindle Scribe furthermore supports the user. According to Amazon, a fully charged Kindle Scribe battery can last 12 weeks. It is compatible with 9W USB-C charging and takes 2.5 hours to recharge fully.

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