Brooke Bailey, Basketball wives star, lost her daughter to car crash in Memphis

Kayla, 25 years old and the daughter of Basketball Wives star Brooke Bailey, has died.

Sources say Kayla died in a car accident on Saturday, September 24, 2022. Her mother also confirmed on her Instagram account that the child had died.

The 45-year-old mother posted pictures of her daughter on her official Instagram account. Bailey had also put a pin on her profile that linked to the Instagram post.

What did Brooke Bailey say on social media?

Basketball Wives': Brooke Bailey's Daughter Kayla Dead At 25

Brooke Bailey posted a series of Instagram stories with pictures of her daughter Kayla after she died. Some were photos from family gatherings, and some were stories she had heard from other people on the platform.

Bailey has two other kids besides Kayla. Shumecio was born in 1998, and her youngest was born in 2004. But no information is known about the third child.

With whom did Brooke Bailey get married?

Who is Brooke Bailey's husband? 'Basketball Wives' star divorced Ronnie Holland | MEAWW

Bailey is not married right now. But, in 2014, she got married to Ronnie Holland. The couple went to Malibu in 2016 to renew their wedding vows.

During their time together and after marriage, the reality star would often post photos of the two of them on her social media accounts. But fans were worried when Brooke Bailey deleted all the pictures of Holland from her social media account.

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In January 2022, Bailey told Holland that they were no longer together. Sources said that the couple broke up on good terms, and in an interview, Bailey seemed to agree with this, saying, “Endings can be peaceful.”

What did Bailey say when she left her marriage?

Basketball Wives' Star Brooke Bailey Shares That She's No Longer Married: Single Sounds Better Than Stupid - theJasmineBRAND

The founder of SkinByBrookeBailey posted an Instagram story in the same month in which she said:

“Wife sounds better than girlfriend, but single sounds better than dumb. Yes, I’m on my own.” Brooke Bailey is no longer married.

In an interview with The Jasmine Brand, the founder of Opulent Icon also said that she is willing to date again. She seemed to regret getting married to Holland, and she said:

“I knew I shouldn’t have married him, but I thought, ‘I’ll do it for the kids.’ That was a bad idea. I did that, but it didn’t work out, and I was in my early 20s at the time.

Bailey was linked to NBA player Rashard Lewis before they got married. She was also with Vernon Macklin of the Detroit Pistons.

Brooke Bailey’s rise to fame in every way

Before she worked on reality shows and became famous, the Californian was a professional model. She’s been in both Smooth Magazine and Low Rider Magazine.  But after having her daughter when she was only 19, Bailey decided to stay at home with her daughter.

She dated NBA player Lewis, which helped her get a spot on the famous reality show Basketball Wives: LA. She was the star of the show’s first and second seasons, returning for its 10th season, which is currently on break.

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The star has only gone up the ladder of success. She now has her salon and bought a Phat & Juicy Burger franchise. Bailey also started a company called My Life Cleanse.

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