Who Are Sadie Sink Parents? Know About Her Family and Siblings

If you have watched the Netflix show, Stranger Things, you must be aware of the American actress Sadie Sink. Her role as Max Mayfield has captured everyone’s hearts. Also, she got a lot of attention when she played the supporting character Suzanne Ballard in the NBC action-thriller series “American Odyssey.” Her fans are crazy to know about her personal life in detail. In this section, we will share about Sadie Sink’s parents, her family, and more.

Sadie Sink Parents

Casey Adam Sink is Sadie Sink’s father, and he is a rugby coach. Lori Elizabeth Sink is Sink’s mother, and she is a math teacher. She has three brothers who are older than her and one sister who is younger. Spencer Sink, Caleb Sink, and Mitchell Sink are her brothers. Jacey Sink is her younger sister, who is also an actress.

Sadie Sink Parents and siblings
Sadie Sink Parents and siblings

Sadie Sink’s father

Casey chose a career in sports as a coach. He graduated with a Kinesiology and Exercise Science degree from Texas A&M University. Later, he pursued a Master’s in Educational/Instructional Technology at Ramapo College of New Jersey.

He worked as a teacher and coach at Brenham High School before moving to Summit Senior High School in 2013. Besides being a football coach, Casey also teaches Algebra 2 and Geometry. Casey’s love for sports was passed on to his son, Caleb Sink, who became a quarterback.

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Sadie Sink’s mother

Like her husband, Lori attended Texas A&M and became a math teacher. With their busy lives working and raising their kids, Casey and Lori received help from other family members. Once, Sadie’s mom shared the story of bringing her children to auditions. One was “Secret Garden,” where Sadie was cast despite her young age. Her son, Mitchell, also landed a role in the production, which got him interested in acting.

Sadie Sink Parents
Sadie Sink family

Sadie Sink’s Biography and early life

Sadie Sink was born Sadie Elizabeth Sink on 16 April 2002. Presently, she is 21 years old as of 2023. Her zodiac sign is Aries. She was born in Brenham, Texas, to a family from the middle class. So, she is an American and comes from a white Caucasian background. Furthermore, she and her siblings are strong Christians because they were born and raised in a Christian home.

In 2009, when she was 7 years old, she was fond of enacting the characters of Disney’s “High School Musical.” So, her mother let her join a theatre group in Houston. This got her an audition on Broadway and a part in “Annie” when she was only 11. This was the start of her career.

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Her Education

Sadie Sink graduated from high school, but she stopped going to school to focus more on her acting career. She finished her high school education at Frederick Wilson Benteen Elementary School. During her school years, she participated in several plays. In the 2012 Broadway revival of Annie, she played both Annie and Duffy. Sadie joined the cast of Stranger Things when she was about 14 years old.

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Sadie Sink Parents
Sadie Sink

More about Sadie Sink Parents

Growing up, Sadie Sink’s parents, Casey, and Lori Sink, ensured their family would be close to each other. They were loving and supportive, playing a pivotal role in the success of their daughter’s career.

The actress was just a child when Lori saw talent and potential in her. Not long after, Sadie’s mom sent her to drama school to enhance her skills in the craft. Guided by professionals, Casey and Lori’s daughter were able to learn how to act well. Meanwhile, the couple’s different careers in sports and academia kept Sadie grounded and balanced.

Sadie’s parents homeschooled her until second grade but later transferred her to a regular school. According to the actress, going to school with other kids has been influential in her life.

Casey and Lori made another good decision for their child when they enrolled her in an acting class. Lori first noticed her daughter’s talent when she watched the young star recreate scenes from Disney’s “High School Musical” alongside her brother.

Undoubtedly, Casey and Lori were proud to watch their little girl start her career on Broadway, starring as the titular character in “Annie.” When Casey and Lori saw their daughter’s career opportunity grow, they made sacrifices for her to grab the chance. Their whole family ended up moving to New York City for Sadie to pursue acting.

Are Sadie Sink’s siblings also involved in acting?

Besides Mitchell, Sadie’s younger sister, Jacey Sink, is also a professional actress. Interestingly, Jacey played the younger version of her sister’s “Stranger Things” character, Max.

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Meanwhile, the other Sink siblings, Caleb and Spencer, don’t seem interested in acting. Spencer lives a private life, with his social media accounts only available to family and friends. However, it is known that he graduated from the University of Missouri Kansas City’s School of Law in 2022. On the other hand, Caleb is an alumnus of Seton Hall University in New Jersey. He takes after his father and is involved in sports, although his profession remains unknown.


Sadie Sink is a polished American actress who gained prominence at an early age in life. The support that Sadie Sink parents provided her since her childhood is phenomenal. Sadie once stated, “Being an actress, I feel like I’m always traveling and jumping around from place to place,” she said. “It’s nice to have a family home to come back to.”

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