Win More Money With These Casino Secrets!

Gambling is not as complicated as some people think. It’s all about the numbers, and with a few exceptions things are based on rules at the table, but the math remains the same in the casino industry, whether you played in a Las Vegas casino or at a non GamStop casino.

Most people who go to a casino don’t realize how much money they are foolishly losing, because the players do not pay attention to what is happening before their eyes. This is what I call the “hidden edge” of the house, which is added to the house edge (commissions that casinos take).

This is naturally what the casino wants. They do not want to impoverish you but rather make you a satisfied customer. Las Vegas casinos and non GamStop casinos have an edge.

More than 40 million people visit Las Vegas every year and the casinos there expect to see new faces all the time, but when you visit a city that doesn’t rely on local players as much, you need your own hidden advantage and with all the competition in the gambling industry, it’s easy to find ways to improve your chances of winning.

What Hardly Anyone Ever Tells You About the Non GamStop Casinos Players Clubs

The first tip, often mentioned in books, is that you should join a players club. If you plan to visit 10 casinos, this is equivalent to signing up to 10 clubs. If you do this in person, it can take 15-20 minutes to reach each club.

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One of the good things about Vegas is that the big casinos are buying up or developing other properties. If you join the Caesar’s Rewards program, for example, you can accumulate points in 9 different Las Vegas casinos with the same card.

A single registration gives you the freedom to play in many different places. You’ll earn points the same way and you don’t even have to use them at the same time.

Just check the club rules to find out what you can do with the points. If the club card is used in other cities, you will have a better chance of earning points. And most of these player clubs allow you to transfer points to other members. You can gift them to friends or family members who may need these points more than you do.

Don’t Use the Same Betting Strategy for Every Game at Non GamStop Casinos

The standard advice for slot players is to always play the maximum bet. But you’d be crazy to do that in craps or roulette unless you have very deep pockets. And if you have that much money, the casino will probably switch you to high-stakes games as quickly as possible.

The maximum bet on slot machine games makes sense for two reasons:

First, some slot games don’t pay out the jackpot if you don’t make a maximum bet. Second, a win pays more on a maximum bet than on a minimum bet.  Some people think that the winning amounts are proportionally the same in all cases, while it’s true that a bet multiplier stays the same no matter how much you bet, the secret to winning at slots is to watch how much you win in proportion to your bankroll.

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If you enter the casino with just $500, you’ll be more likely to double that money on slot games with maximum bets than with minimum bets. Statistically, the longer you play, the more likely the casino is to take all your money.

This is called the house edge. The more you bet, the more money the casino keeps.

Place Your Most Aggressive Bets on the Safest Bets

This is counter-intuitive for two reasons. First, you are making safe bets, so you are not risking much compared to other types of bets. Second, most people say you have to make very risky bets to make a lot of money.

Here’s how this counter-intuitive strategy works in roulette. Let’s say your equity is $1000. The table minimum is €5 and the maximum is €100. You can bet €5 on a single number in European Roulette. The odds of winning are 35 to 1, but the probability of your number coming up is 37 to 1. This is a very risky bet and you might think you are only risking $5.

On the other hand, let’s say you place a bet on red. The odds of winning are equal. If you want to win €100, you have to wager €100. Although it looks like you are risking more money, the odds of winning are 37 to 18. That’s 18 times more likely to win than betting on a single number.

Do Not Take Drugs or Alcohol When Playing at Non GamStop Casinos

When you’re drunk, you give the house a hidden advantage. Your judgment is impaired and you are more likely to make mistakes or make poor decisions. Everyone knows it, and yet many people continue to drink and gamble. Sure, gambling is fun, but if your priority is to make more money, stick to caffeinated beverages!

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Although there are downsides to caffeine consumption, it is a stimulant that helps you stay awake and aware. It also forces you to take breaks more often than just drinking water.

Croupiers Cheer

A croupier’s stoic facade gives little indication of the mood he or she is in. They should just organize the game and above all be impartial. However, don’t let that fool you.

Casino game croupiers are not always neutral. They sympathize when players win or lose.

When a player loses massively or wins big, it doesn’t leave a dealer indifferent either. One of the reasons for this is obvious.

Successful players tip. The better things are going for the player, the more lucrative it is for the dealer as a result.

Conversely, of course, a solid losing streak also has an impact on the potential tip. Therefore, croupiers secretly cheer, especially when it comes to larger stakes or winnings.


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