How to Gamble With Ethereum?

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency that was able to gain a particularly large number of followers relatively early on. Playing in the Ethereum Casino in particular can be better than the regular non GamStop casino, because thanks to the use of cryptocurrencies it is easier to separate game amounts from your own budget. In this guide we will give you all the information you need to know about Ethereum casinos not on GamStop and how you can enjoy the services they offer. Read more here.

Ethereum Compared to Other Cryptos

Ether is the second largest cryptocurrency in the world after Bitcoin. Nevertheless, the two cryptocurrencies differ significantly in some respects. For example, Bitcoin is completely decentralized, while Ethereum is not. In addition to these two major cryptocurrencies, there are a few others that are worth taking a closer look at.

Although not all of them can be used for payments in all crypto casinos, the current development shows that it is not unlikely that further currencies will be included in the portfolio of crypto casinos in the future.

What is the Ethereum Non GamStop Casino?

With the boom in cryptocurrencies, the first games of chance that could be played with digital currencies came up relatively quickly. In the beginning, of course, these were only Bitcoin casinos. But with the emergence of Ether in 2015, the first Ethereum casinos came up a little later. Seen in this way, it has only been possible to catch up on the first Ethereum Casino Bonuses when playing for a few years.

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The way the casino works is very similar to a classic casino. While Ethereum casinos also offer the option of paying anonymously with cryptocurrencies, conventional digital casinos do not offer this option.

The selection of Ether casinos not on GamStop is large today. There are a variety of non GamStop casinos on the Internet where you can easily deposit with Ethereum. The circumstances and conditions are very different. However, it is not a problem to use Metamask with Ethereum Casino.

Metamask is a Google Chrome browser extension that can be used to transact on the Ethereum blockchain. It can be particularly useful when dealing with a large number of transactions.

Today it is almost impossible to imagine the everyday use of Ether by many people. It combines fast and practical work with secure transactions.

How Can I Recognize Reputable Ethereum Casinos?

The reputation of Ethereum casinos can be determined using a few criteria that also apply to normal non GamStop casinos. These include aspects such as the license, customer service, player protection and terms and conditions.

  • License: The license is the most important feature to recognize a reputable Ethereum Casino. You must avoid non GamStop casinos without a license because they are not reputable. Every good Ethereum Casino therefore has a valid gambling license.
  • Customer service: The support of the online casino can provide information about the seriousness. The more accessible the casino support is, the more likely it is a reputable provider. Live chat and mail support must always be offered, telephone support also speaks for a high degree of seriousness.
  • Player protection: In reputable Ethereum casinos you will be given options for player protection. These should be options for setting bet and session limits. In addition, reputable casinos not on GamStop always allow player self-exclusion.
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Colossal Amount of Bonuses

The bonuses can sometimes reach almost astronomical heights. For example, the Ethereum Casino 1xBit offers a bonus of up to 7 BTC. Specifically, the bonuses are distributed over the first deposits and of course depend on the amount of your own ‘deposit’. You can get a bonus of up to 1 BTC on your first deposit. With the 2nd deposit you only get a 50% bonus instead of 100%, amounting to up to 1 BTC. Spread over four deposits, you can collect up to 7 Bitcoins or the equivalent in Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

It is very similar to other Ethereum smart contract casinos. The disadvantage, of course, is that you usually have to convert the amounts more often. This is often 20 times or more before you can actually withdraw the bonus money.

Overall, however, the bonuses are a worthwhile plus that can pay off. Regardless of whether you use an Ethereum Classic Casino or use the Ethereum Casino Metamask, bonuses increase the fun of the game and create more entertainment.

Do I Get a Special Bonus From Non GamStop Ether Casinos?

Casino bonus offers for using a specific payment method are generally very rare in non GamStop casinos and can now hardly be found anywhere. Ethereum is no exception in this area.

You cannot assume that you will receive a casino bonus specifically for using Ethereum when making a deposit. But it is not a problem to use the regular offers of a crypto casino when depositing with ETH.

Pure crypto casinos are characterized by the fact that they have particularly high bonus offers in the program. Unlimited 100% bonuses and comparable offers are particularly interesting for high rollers.

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It is not uncommon for you to find lucrative cashback offers in Ethereum casinos or you can look forward to so-called rakeback. This is a percentage of the casino house edge that is returned to you on every game, whether you win or lose.

Tips and tricks for using Ether in the online casino

  • Deposits made with ETH are converted into euros or dollars and the bankroll may change over time as a result.
  • Payouts are only possible to the wallet, which is associated with exchange fees. Therefore, always compare the different ETH wallets and choose the best provider.
  • Compare different Ethereum casinos: The bonus offers differ massively and are not suitable for every type of player.

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