Rose Ayling-Ellis has ‘grown apart from their long-term boyfriend, Sam Arnold.

 Finalist in Every Way, Rose Ayling-Ellis supposedly parted ways from her longtime boyfriend, Sam Arnold. In 2017, the 27-year-old EastEnders actress and her partner, Giovanni Pernice, lifted the glittering prize. They have been together for seven years.

 The Sun reports that her close friends are scared that the stringent curse will strike again. They are doubtful about their plans because of their hectic job schedules.

Why did Rose break up with Sam?

Strict winner Rose Ayling-Ellis reportedly broke up with her longtime boyfriend, Sam Arnold.

 Rose has been secretive about her relationship for years. “Rose and Sam have grown away. She got so busy with work initiatives and was in demand for new career prospects. They have a deep, abiding affection for each other. Both respect one another, yet they are still young and busy pursuing individual goals.

Rose is seizing the day and making the most of her work and other opportunities while they last. Couples that appear on Severe Damnation typically end their relationships as a direct result of being on the show. The EastEnders star, now 27, and her partner of seven years watched as she and Giovanni Pernice hoisted the dazzling prize last year. 

Rose Ayling-Ellis' relationship 'on the rocks' following Strictly win - Nottinghamshire Live

Why did Rose choose to keep quiet?

 Rose and Samuel have kept their romance private for the past six years, but this year marked their sixth anniversary with a surprisingly little public celebration.

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 Rose responded, “Six years we’ve been together and I still don’t find you bothersome,” and Samuel said, “I still believe you’re the funniest, prettiest, and super coolest female I’ve ever asked for.”

 What is the actress upto now?

 She went on a solo trip to Barcelona in January. Rose announced that she was writing a comedy-drama about deaf women dating in London. She responded to criticism she had previously levelled at television for its lack of diversity.

 She made history as the first full-time deaf actress on the show and the first hard-of-hearing contestant on Dancing with the Stars. The actress has become an advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities.

Strictly winner Rose Ayling-Ellis 'hit by show's curse' with pals fearing she and boyfriend Sam Arnold have grown apart - Efaff News

 What are her remarks on being a deaf actress?

 The actress said she is “done with being a deaf character in the film”. She even said that efforts could make television accessible by ensuring episodes with good subtitles.

 ‘My reality is not always pleasant,’ she admitted. There was a British Sign Language (BSL) translator in the audience, and she used that person to explain why it was problematic when her access was restricted.

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