Keeley Hawes has revealed she is preparing for life away from the screen

Keeley Hawes is one of the most recognizable faces in British television drama. Keeley has said she prepares for life off the screen. She  is 46 years old. Her career  starred in Bodyguard, Line of Duty, and The Durrells.
What was revealed in the Interview with Kelly?
In an interview, Keeley said that she adores it and considers herself very fortunate. But recently, many people have experienced the same things.
She said, “God, life is brief and you’re only here once, you might say if you hold that belief,” as she does. She’ll turn 50 in a moment. There could be opportunities for me elsewhere.
Keeley is a mother of three from London. Moreover, she began acting in her teens. Also, she claims that the industry improves women recently. She claims, “She have seen and denounced racism, misogyny, sexism, harassment, and bullying.”
Nobody could have done it twenty years ago because they would have fear about losing their jobs. Despite this, she believes that more work must accurately portray older women on TV.
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Is Kelly Signing any New Contracts?

Keeley has co-signed an open letter from the Acting Your Age campaign urging gender parity. Keeley works with Lesley Manville, Richard E. Grant, and David Tennant. On televisions, there is still stark inequity. After age 45, women’s tales continue.
Words of Crossfire
Crossfire is the executive producer and actress of the upcoming BBC drama. Crossfire admits that playing characters allows her to experience life through their eyes.
She claims that her life at home with her kids and second husband is much more routine. Crossfire’s second husband is 47-year-old actor Matthew Macfadyen. Matthew is the star of the drama series Succession. She admits, “She would rather stay in bed than go out. She won’t be long, her friend, she thought as she glanced at her bed in the morning.”

What was Kelly Response?

Keeley responds, “She is excited about it.” It is when asked if she is looking forward to growing older. These days, it feels different. Before, menopause was a mysterious phenomenon that no one discussed. Today, things are very other. Women used to experience terrible hardship.
Keeley Hawes: 'We all need to be more positive' | Keeley Hawes | The Guardian

Emotions while moving house

The idea of her children moving out of the house. Though, it is one aspect of becoming older. It causes conflicting emotions. It’s sad yet exhilarating because they’re becoming full-fledged people. We just went through this horrible time when they could leave the house.
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