iPhone 14 Leaks: Features that we cannot wait to see at the Far Out Event

We are beyond thrilled about the upcoming release of the iPhone 14, which is a few weeks away. Inevitably, some people won’t like the changes. Furthermore, others will be incensed by the unchanging circumstances. But, there are also many causes for joy, particularly if you’re looking to get a Pro model. Here are five premium feature.

The Top 5 Features Unveiled

The notch’s termination

Most Apple supporters initially despised the notch. The unsightly slit is carved from the top of their iPhone X screens. iPhone 14 Pro will be the first post-notch iPhone.

It’s not flawless. Of course, an all-screen layout with sensors tucked under the glass is available. But this is a very welcome compromise that covers less of the screen. Moreover, it looks nicer and more modern than the notch.

A continuous display

With the release of the Apple Watch Series 5 in 2019, Apple unveiled its first always-on display. It keeps showing crucial information even after the device has reached its dormant mode. However, it is in a simplified and dimmed version. The feature debuted on the iPhone 14 Pro three years later.

The launch of the new product coincides with Apple’s first time allowing iPhone owners to modify their lock screens. Selecting which widgets are necessary enough to show up on the iPhone’s “sleep” lock screen will be possible. And it appears that Apple’s wallpapers will also be available in sleep mode. There may be some good news for non-Pro consumers as well. Since ProMotion is anticipated to be available on all new models this year.

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Size of megapixels

Apple will soon increase the wide-angle camera lens in its Pro iPhones. It is from its current 12MP resolution to 48MP even while Apple has always emphasized experience above specifications.

It’s difficult not to get thrilled when the megapixel count increases by four. The rear camera will be able to record 8K video. In contrast, the front camera will get autofocus and a larger aperture.

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A superior chip

Usually, a new chip for the iPhone is a ubiquitous feature. But this year it is different. The A16 chip will only be available in the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max. It might significantly improve the high-end phone’s performance.

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A new shade

The Pro models have added and removed various greens and blues in previous years. While the gold choice never seems to be quite the same. The non-pro line acquired pink in 2021. A stunning dark blue in 2020. And purple in 2019.

In 2022, what will Apple add? Expect the iPhone 14 to provide something vibrant. Because the Pantone colors for this fall include intense tints. They are orange, red, pink, yellow, and green. The iPhone 14 Pro will be available in two additional colors. They are a deep purple and a darker blue.

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