Details about iPhone 14/14 pro leaked: All you need to know

As every one of us is very well aware that the iPhone 14 series is ready to set the market on fire and blow out the range of all previous iPhones. Reportedly Apple is launching the 14 series of iPhone in September of the year 2022, and it has everything from the end of the notch to the all-time display phone.

It will give significant competition to Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and Google Pixel 7 because this new piece has a 48MP front camera. A powerful A16 Bionic Chip, which is the latest, will be installed in the iPhone 14 pro model.

All the Details about 14/14 pro

We can spot significant differences in the Design of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, which will stand as the highest selling product of the Apple brand from September, as claimed. People can see an elevation of $100 in price, which will cater to you with much more storage than the earlier iPhones.

There will be 90 million iPhones that are going to be manufactured by Apple before the launch. The charging efficiency will also be speedier, and there will be a hike of 30W. The latest iPhone 14 Pro colors are very vibrant and new to the older ones.

The Design of iPhone 14/14 pro

There will be a triple camera flushing on the back body of the iPhone 14 Pro, and it may have some small counterparts to the iPhone 13. The raised camera of the iPhone 14 Pro will be slightly bigger than iPhone 14. Reportedly, it’s even going to be 0.2 mm thicker than the older models of the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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The iPhone 14 Pro also has a curvy edge that is kind of rounded from all corners of the new module. There is an ideal design change in the iPhone 14 Pro design, and the display notch will be eliminated, which is now infamous.

Price of iPhone 14/14 Pro

 The rumored price of iPhone 14 Pro is to be $1,099 and the price of iPhone 14 pro mac may even strike at $1,199. It may also offer storage spaces of 128GB and could even offer 256GB depending upon the price. The price of iPhone 14 can be $799, and the price of the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max can be $899 as set by Apple.

There can be other iPhones also whose manufacturing could be discontinued as soon as the newest iPhone gets launched in the market. iPhone 13 Mini shall stand among one of the iPhones which may get cut off as soon as the new series gets released.

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