Famous Author Salman Rushdie was stabbed! Struggles between life and death on Ventilator

The famous author of all time, Salman Rushdie, who wrote one of  favorite novels, “The Satanic Verses,” was already receiving bundles of death threats from the leaders of Iran in the late 1980s. On Friday, 12th August, when Rushdie was moving to the center of the stage of a community hall in New York. That is where the  tragedy struck him. And  a man stabbed him in his neck and abdomen.

Blood was completely brimming out of the body of this 75-year-old author. And then he was immediately taken to the hospital without any further delay.

He’s in serious Condition!

Andrew Wylie, who is the agent of this author, mentioned that he is injured severely and may lose his life because of severe damages. He’s currently on a ventilator, and his condition is immensely critical. Salman may even lose the nerves of his arm, his entire liver, and the nerves of his eye due to severe injuries in them.

The man who attacked him ran steadily to the stage, and he hurt Rushdie in a very heated way. This was  reported by the people who witnessed the incident.

He was attacked by a 24 year old Man

As identified by the cops, the attacker’s name was Hadi Matar, and he was just a 24-year-old guy from Fairview, New Jersey. This man is not even that old since the novel was published. Hence his motives and intentions are still unclear to the police and people.

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The cops arrested him then and there, but his confession is still awaited. This man stabbed Rushdie more than ten to fifteen times and drowned the author in a bloodstream. In the Chautauqua Institution of Chautauqua, the man ran and went up on the stage even before the event started. And then he made his final move on Rushdie.

The reaction of Boris Johnson, the British PM

The British PM Boris Johnson expressed his grief on this heartbreaking incident and tweeted against this action just in return for “freedom of expression.” He mentioned the incident in his tweet and conveyed good wishes to Rushdie’s family. He further gave condolences and prayed for the early recovery of this great author.

The British politician Rishi Sunak also followed Boris Johnson and expressed his grief on Twitter by mentioning that he was shocked to hear about the attack on Salman Rushdie. He also called Rushdie the conqueror of artistic freedom and free speech. Overall, it was a disgraceful event, and everyone had the right to speak their mind without any violence.

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