Apple held Telegram’s latest update: The Reason will shock you

Telegram launched one of the most recent updates on Friday, the 12th of August. As there were reports all around. The update got released just one day after which the CEO and founder of Telegram, Pavel Durov, mentioned that the upgrade had been present in the app review of Apple for approximately two weeks.

It goes without explanation, and the update is around the latest features linked to emojis. According to the CEO, only one of the emojis is not present there as the Apple company has particularly requested the elimination.

 Words by the CEO of Telegram about the latest update

The media coverage was been done about the post earlier. Apple has also requested a proposal to look for all the updates of Telegram that have been pending and remove the Telemoji feature. It is another version that has been vector animated for the default emoji.

You can also witness a short video kept as an attachment in the post of the CEO of Telegram. Durov has mentioned that he has also created a GIF for the video he shared. He further said that the Telemoji is great fun because it tends to add zeal to all the emojis which have been staying stationary.


It is an absolute premium quality feature!

Apple has taken charge of other companies too for altering the design and making them more beautiful in a specific way. Hence Durov asked the authorities of Telegram to eliminate Telemoji from the updated version of emojis. Neither Apple nor Telegram replied to any requests for the commenting option.

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The sticker panel of all the iOS devices is also separately created by Telegram, which will become more and instantly familiar to you. This premium quality feature can use the default emojis to convey your reaction to the messages. Overall the way to use emojis is all updated and has made the reaction response look even better.

Additional Features That Can Be Enjoyed!

Now you can also use the feature of the back button to directly jump back to your last chats. One can do the navigation by directly opening the forwarded messages, links, profiles, usernames and many more things. All reactions are now going to have animations which are completely synchronized. The translations on the app will be done immediately and the call quality will be enhanced.

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