Kassandra Rivera: Interesting facts about Rosie Rivera’s daughter

Rosie Amelia Rivera is a businesswoman and television personality of America. She is the CEO of Jenni Rivera enterprises. She was born on 3 July, 1981 and is 40 years old. She has three children Kassandra Rivera, Samantha Chay Flores, Elias Melek Flores. Kassandra’s grandparents are Pedro Rivera and Rosa Saavedra.

Kassandra is 19 years old social media influencer and a kid to a celebrity. She was born on March 17. She was born in Los Angeles, California. Her nickname is Kassey. Being the kid of a celebrity comes with its perks sometimes its good sometimes it bad, and while it does make you feel special it also can become difficult sometimes.



Kassandra was born on March 17,2003 to Ricky Rodriquez and Rosie Rivera. Kassandra is now 18 years old and is a social media icon. She is American and comes from white ethnicity. Being a celebrity means you can not just go out and have fun randomly, security, precautionary measures is a must. Every star has to take care about their safety and be responsible.

Kassandra on her instagram


Kassandra uses social media platform like Instagram. She has 273K followers which honestly is not bad in todays generation. Todays generation is obsessed with social media and people on it. Seeing stories, posts and gathering new information from the same is the new hip. Her handle is @kassey_rivera and she follows about 900 people. Rivera seems to be very influential as she has about a thousand likes and comments on the things that she posts on her Instagram feed. She has four highlights, one for her nails, the other one being random, the third having her pictures, the fourth one being of a place she visited and the last one of a concert. Her tiktok account has 314,9k followers, her handle being @kasseyrivera and she follows 415 people. She has 8.7 million likes in total.

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She does not have a twitter account and fans are sad about that but if she ever makes one she will have a lot of people following her because well everyone will already know her.


Kassandra was born to Kassandra was born on March 17,2003 to Ricky Rodriquez and Rosie Rivera. Unfortunately there is not a lot of information that can be found about her father Ricky Rodriquez on the internet.

She also posted for her father wishing him a happy birthday thereby showing that even though we have no information about it she might have a healthy relationship with her father. Kassandra’s parents do not live together. As any couple who have a baby they also had one. Her Mother Rosie Rivera was married to Abel Flores in 2011 and he is Kassandra’s step-father. Kassandra also has two siblings: Jenni Rivera and Elias Melek Flores. Having a family that is famous is a good way to enter Hollywood itself but survivng is not guaranteed, Kassandra is a beautiful aspiring female who is just 19 years old she has her whole life ahead of her.

Kassandra in the sun
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On December 9,2012 Dolores Jenny Rivera died in a plane crash which upset a lot of fans, There were no survivors of the crash including poor Jenni. The plane took off from Monterrey, Mexico only after after Jenni had performed her concert. Jenni Rivera was 43 years old when she died and the plane that crashed was Mexico Learjet 25.  She was very good with her work and loved singing. She was the most successful woman on the billboard who was a Latina. Jenni was a very strong person she recovered from being raped on a California Highway. Both of them loved each other deeply and even though Kassandra might have been just a kid she understood the pain that Jenni’s death might have caused to the family.

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We do not know much about Kassandra’s professional life. Where she works, how she earns money etc, but thanks to her mother who has a net worth of 14 million dollars she has the privilege of enjoying life to the fullest. Since she has turned 19 this year she might just start working or profiting in some way to help the house. Kassandra is not married yet and she prefers to keep her personal life to herself. Kassandra is young lady and a pretty gorgeous one at that and fans would love to see a romantic relationship. But she already might be in one you never know. She is famous and is loved by many people including her family. She could become the influencer everyone talks about and help her fans by sharing her experiences and daily life things. She is also posts reels and does things like whisper challenge and posts stuff for mother’s day. She has also posted reels showing the great outfits she wears and places she has gone to holidays for.


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