My Hero Academia Chapter 321: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Kohei Horikoshi’s manga My Hero Academia is a package of comedy, thrill, action, and a strong pillar of willpower. The personality of the characters in My Hero Academia has captured the hearts of many and as a result, the manga series scored 16 rank on TV Asahi’s Manga Sousenkyo 2021 poll. 320 chapters have already been released but increased restlessness in fans. We all are excited to know what the newest release will reveal. 

My Hero Academia Chapter 321: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Release Date and Time

Chapter 321 of My Hero Academia is expected to release on Sunday, August 1, 2021. The chapter is going to be delayed this time. The release may vary according to the geographical location, so let’s check it out.

India: 09:30 PM IST

USA: 10:00 AM

UK: 04:00 PM 

Europe: 05:00 PM CES

Japan: 01:00 AM JST on August 2

Where to Read?

Fans can read Chapter 320 on the Viz Media app or MangaPlus.

Recap of Chapter 320

Class 1-A has made up their mind to stop Deku from running away. Whereas, Deku used the smokescreen to lose their sight Bakugo counterattack it using Blast Landmine and the view became clear. Koda came from behind and told him that the Principal is asking him to come back. Aero tried to capture him, Jiro used the Heartbeat wall but all was in vain. 

My Hero Academia Chapter 321: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Ojiro reminded Deku about how angry he got during his fight with Shinso. Deku said that if he stayed here then all of his classmates will also become the target of One for All along with him. 

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Tokoyami and Shoji tried to capture him, but Deku was unstoppable. Sato asked him to reconsider his feelings and Momo declared that their mission is to secure him. With the Heaven Piercing Ice Wall, Todoroki stopped him while Asui told him that they would not leave him alone.   

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