A Team 2 is Never Happening, Says Bradley Cooper: Here’s Why

There is not going to be A Team 2 and the ‘team’ confirms it. which makes it certain that we won’t have a sequel, this has been confirmed by Bradley Cooper himself.

After about eleven years of its release, the 2010 military action movie The A Team has stayed in the memories of fans. It has been a long time, but they still hope for a sequel to be made. To their disappointment, it is certain that there is not going to be A Team 2 and the ‘team’ confirms it.

About The A-Team

The A Team was originally a 1983 TV series that centered around four members of a Special US Military Forces unit. They are framed for a crime and court-martialed.

Later, they escape from prison and work as mercenaries. The show unexpectedly became a huge hit with its theme song, catchphrases, and cartoonish violence where there were rarely any serious injuries. It launched Mr. T to fame, who played B.A. Baracus in the series.

Stephen J. Carnell, who produced the series, returned as a co-producer for the 2010 film adaptation. Based on the exact background, the movie had big names like Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Sharlto Copley, Jessica Biel, and Patrick Wilson.

The makers made The A-Team with the hopes of creating a new franchise. Unfortunately, the movie did not fare as well as it was supposed to, reducing the chances of a sequel.

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The Reason Behind The Cancellation of A Team 2

While the movie was loved for its casting and goofiness and hated for portraying the characters differently with an incoherent plot; the reason for canceling is strictly based on the numbers. Joe Carnahan, the writer, and director, along with the main cast showed interest in making a second movie.

The budget for producing the movie was $110 million, with the revenue being $77 million in the U.S. box office and $100 million in international theaters.

The A Team 2 is Never Happening, Says Bradley Cooper: Here's Why

With a gain of $67 million, there would not be much left after settling marketing and other expenses. It didn’t lose money, but it obviously did not make enough.

In 2011, Bradley Cooper told in a chat with Empire Magazine, that despite his love for it, there was not enough revenue for funding a second movie.

Liam Neeson confirmed it as well in an interview, adding he found it confusing when he watched the movie himself. Eventually, Carnahan became the second person to confirm when he answered on Twitter that the movie did not make money despite all the love from the fans.

The A Team 2 is Never Happening, Says Bradley Cooper: Here's Why

What Could The A Team 2 Have?

The original series ran for 5 seasons and had a number of stories with every episode featuring a new story.

The characters refer to the past episodes, keeping the series structure. Had there been a second movie or a spin-off to the 2010 movie, it could be based on one of these episodes.

The A-Team ended with a cameo by Jon Hamm, who introduces himself as another Lynch. While the team realizes that they have returned to where they began, they escape again. Whether this ‘Lynch’ would be an ally or an enemy, it is a question that is left open and will stay like that.

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What Happened to the A Team TV Reboot?

While there’s been no evidence that something is going on under the surface on another film, in 2015 Deadline detailed The A-Team was being rebooted for a fresh tv show. Chris Morgan (The Fast and The Furious) was set to deliver this new adaptation, which would have included a few female individuals in the group as they effectively attempted to clear their names and uncover connivance.

There’s been no genuine information on this reboot since it was declared, so it may not be occurring any longer. While Joe Carnahan’s film has its fans, The A-Team 2 is probably not going to be resuscitated now.

In spite of its name cast and blockbuster status, The A-Team didn’t do incredible numbers. The spending plan was an expected $110 million however it made under $80 million locally. Calculating in-home video deals and the worldwide film industry it made generally $220 million altogether, however considering promotion and different expenses, it was a conclusive monetary frustration.

The Studio also tried to Make A Team 2 with Dave Bautista and Will Smith

The studio is anxious to catch the A-rundown cast for their new characters, as well, with Will Smith and Dave Bautista both supposedly viable for jobs. It’s muddled if either has been officially reached at this point.

And we envision Disney has different names on their rundown too, however to the extent that plot goes, it’ll clearly have something to do with the group attempting to save one of the individuals from a gathering of psychological militants.

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However, is the crowd truly there for another A-Team? The new Charlie’s Angels attempted a similar story strategy as this film and sank without a follow in the cinema world, with experts inferring that crowds just couldn’t have cared less about a 1970s TV show.

The A-Team is somewhat later than Charlie’s Angels, certain, however simply by a couple of years, so Disney is ideally mindful that they can’t coast by on sentimentality for the IP alone.

Regardless, it appears to be this venture is still just in the exceptionally earliest progressive phases and at last, the studio could wind up getting scared by the high-profile disappointment of Charlie’s Angels. In any case, in the event that they can gather a howdy octane activity film with clever content and a magnetic cast for this new interpretation of The A-Team, I’ll be there at the very first moment.

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