Bimbofication Meme? Meaning and Meme Explained

Bimbofication’ or ‘Bimbofication Meme’ refers to wanting to own the aesthetics of a “bimbo.” It is a movement wherein stereotypes are broken

“Bimbofication”, is probably a term you’ve come across several times on social media. It has been getting increasingly popularised with time and I bet most are unaware of what it means. In this article, we’ll talk about the origin of Bimbofication, what Bimbofication Meme means today and why it is used all over. Keep reading to find out!

Bimbofication Meme Explained

When we use ‘Bimbofication’ word or ‘Bimbofication Meme’ now, it refers to wanting to own the aesthetics of a “bimbo”. By this, we mean people use this as a kink or a fetish. Women want to be able to wear heavy makeup or dress sexy without having to receive negative feedback.

It is a movement wherein stereotypes are broken and rebelled against. Now women proudly own the term and it has fit into an aesthetic today.

It is important to note that the new wave of this culture on social media mostly caters to a mental shift. Additionally, people wish to hypersexualize themselves as part of a kink or a fetish.

Many argue that it is still a misogynistic term that degrades women. However, it may come off pretty harmless. Why is a woman wanting to appeal to a certain kink considered a bad thing? Whether the topic is controversial or not, this became one of those trends that people went berserk about.

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What is Bimbofication Meme? Meaning and Meme Explained

Origin of the word “Bimbo”

Before we actually get into the more recent use of the word, let’s understand what “bimbo” means. So, bimbo is slang that refers to an attractive woman that is seemingly “dumb”. The word usually sexualizes a woman and today it is used as an aesthetic, which we’ll get into in a bit. Initially, the term would refer to an unintelligent man. But by the 21st century, the word has targeted women.

By the early 21st century, we use the word, Bimbo, to stereotype women who were usually blonde, curvaceous, and often wears heavy makeup. It is even used for women who wore revealing clothes and pertains to the blonde stereotype.

Nowadays, however, women want “bimbofication” to fight the stereotype. It comes from a place where women now use that word as an empowering term rather than a degrading term.

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