World Health Assembly : Calls For WHO Reforms A Priority

The 74th World Health Assembly has just begun in an online format. All the member states are expected to speak at the virtual assembly, which is scheduled till June 1. Speaking at the 74th World Health Assembly, United Nations chief Antonio Guterres declared that the world is at war with a virus.

The World Health Assembly

The World Health Assembly is expected to take up a discussion on the Covid-19 pandemic. It will also discuss the ways to deal with similar health emergencies. The draft resolution was proposed by Canada, Australia, and 27 other countries. Meanwhile, the nations under the European Union, has called for actions to strengthen the World Health Organization (WHO). This exercise to reform the WHO is called for the better preparedness and response to future pandemics and related health emergencies.

Another agenda to be discussed during the WHA is the election for the successor of Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. Nominations are allowed to come in till the September of 2021. While, it is expected that the next Director General will be announced in WHA in 2022

World Health Assembly :

Ghebreyesus’s chances for continuing remain high, unless the US stands in his way and holds his delayed actions responsible for the pandemic. It should be noted here that world  health assembly declared a global pandemic only on January 30, 2020. While reports from China started coming as early as in November-December 2019.

The Reforms Proposal

The resolution has called on for the establishment of a working group of the member states for the purpose. It is also added that the working group should be finalized by next month. After regional consultations with a bureau comprising six officers – one from each WHO region are expected to join the working group.

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This working group is proposed to hold power in order to submit a report for actions on the WHO. The report should be finalized by the 75 th World Health Assembly due in November-December this year.

Meanwhile, the prepared resolution just falls short of explicitly backing the experts’ opinions to give WHO broader powers to launch investigations.

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