Kaguya Sama Chapter 252: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Kaguya Sama is no less than a phenomenon in the ani-manga community. With two hit seasons of anime and Kaguya Sama Chapter 252, there is no shortage of attention and hype paid to the arrogant yet lovable Kaguya Shinomiya. According to EpicStream, the latest chapter of the beloved Seinen manga is what manga readers are looking forward to and it can be expected to release on the 4th of February 2022, in Japan. In the USA, Canada, and Europe it will be released on 3rd February 2022.

Kaguya Sama Chapter 252: The Story so Far

In the previous chapter, namely, chapter 251, the student council is ready to accept the help that Maki Shinto offers. Although she claims that she has her own family interests at heart, she too, wants Kaguya to have her happy ending. Shinto’s brother, Mikado had always been interested in helping Kaguya and since he is an all-rounder in life, he is also the next expected head of the family. The Shinomiya family wishes to marry Kaguya off to Mikado in order to nullify the family feud.

Shinto believes that Mikado will protect Kaguya but she wants her to have her own happy ending. Meanwhile, with Chika’s guidance, the student council is planning to go to the Shinomiya household in order to allow their friend to be freed from their clutches. In order to read the manga online, VIZ is currently the best legal source. If you have a Shonen Jump subscription then it is best to rely on VIZ to read rom-com like manga.

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Kaguya Sama Chapter 252: The Future

Since the manga series is nearing its final end and A-1 pictures confirming future episodes, one can expect that there will be a third season soon. Fans have never been more excited for the anime as well as the manga. Since manga readers are expecting an end to the series the question does remain whether Shirogane and Shinomiya will be able to get their happy ending after defeating the societal elements coming in the way of their happiness.

For anime fans, however, the wait can be expected to be much longer. However, we can all expect a fulfilling end to the manga series.

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