One Punch Man Chapter 158: Release Date and Read Manga Online

One-Punch Man is a famous Manga comic and a prominent shonen composed by Yusuke Murata and ONE. It is not originally published we are waiting for week One Punch Man Chapter 158, which has an old timeline. It’s a Manga inspired anime series that came in 2015 for 12 episodes. Then the second season was seen around 2019. It comprises jaw-dropping fight scenes.

One Punch Man Chapter 158: Highlights 

One Punch Man Chapter 158 revolves around Saitama as a protagonist. It is a fun, action, and adventurous comic. As the name suggests, Saitama has a bold personality. Initially, he wasn’t serious about his strengths. After his consistent training sessions, he became as powerful as a bull. Soon, he prepares himself to work with the hub of superhumans— the Superhero Association.

One Punch Man Chapter 158: Release Date

One Punch Man Chapter 158 is expected to be released by 10th February 2022. However, some websites claim the edition is out. One of them being is onepunch manga. It is originally released in Japanese along with English-translated scans.

One Punch Man Chapter 158

One Punch Man Chapter 158: Spoilers

Garao will be surely injured in the upcoming chapter. The fight between the three superhumans will be continued.  Tatsumaki’s condition will be still exhausted in the next few chapters.

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Where can You Read The Manga Online? 

 The Manga will be available on various websites. The official is the Viz media. Apart from this, it is also available in One Punch Raw media. 

One Punch Man Chapter 158
Here’s the spoiler image!
Major Characters

The top major Characters include Saitama, Fubuki, Sonic and, Genos (Saitama’s disciple). Dr. Genus explains Saitama’s strength as power, not potential. Goku— Dragon Ball is expected to defeat him.

The hero association includes S-Class superheroes such as Blast (who can use a teleportation suit). Tornado is a female superhero. Lastly, Bang (Silverfang) runs a dojo in city Z.

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