Eyes Clouded by the Tiger Chapter 39: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Eyes Clouded by the Tiger Chapter 39 has kept fans on the edge of their seats. It has garnered a good number of happy tears from the readers, and they can’t wait to read more. Let’s see more about the story, the release date of the upcoming chapter, and where to read below!

Eyes Clouded by the Tiger, a popular Korean yaoi manhwa is a historical drama fantasy that revolves around the story of a nobleman that somehow falls for a beom. The series is written by Brothers Without a Tomorrow, famous for their many other manhwas such as ‘A Paramour,’ ‘Blood Ink,’ ‘Serene Bird,’ and many more. Illustrated by the same, the manhwa was first published in 2021, and is ongoing. It is currently available in Korean and English.

An alternative title for the manhwa is ‘Taming the Tiger,’ something that serves the purpose of the story, along with the original title. Ahn Geumhu is a nobleman, that meets a Pariah on the way to find animal blood for his little brother’s medicine. Captured by the strong features and captivating gaze, Geumhu takes him home.

The Pariah is a nameless someone that is well-known on the streets. The Pariah gains the name “Beom,” also referred as a tiger in Korean. Starting with the urge to know more, the noble gets intrigued by the alluring charms of the Beom.

Eyes Clouded by the Tiger Chapter 39: Major Characters

Ahn Geumhu

Ahn Geumhu in Eyes Clouded by the tiger chapter 39

Ahn Geumhu is a noble, built with a strong masculine body. He is merciless and cruel, and people try to scurry away and avoid his wrath. After knowing about his little brother, he takes the title of the Head of the Ahn family. He doesn’t hesitate to throw anyone out who tries to harm his little brother for his assets. He treats his servant like a friend. Moreover, he carries affection and cares for Beom in his heart.

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Beom in Eyes clouded by the tiger chapter 39

Beom is someone that is familiar with butchery. Carrying the name of the tiger, he has alike abilities such as a strong sense of smell, strength greater than that of a human and sharp canine tooth. He is someone with a brusque tone and distinct features. Dark skinned, curled wavy hair that reaches below his shoulders, glowing golden eyes are something that makes him stand out in the crowd. Though disliked by many, he is dear to Ahn Geumhu.

Eyes Clouded by the Tiger Chapter 39: Release Date

As the story progresses, the typical toxicity is replaced by the character development and softening nature of the series. Well, there’s good news for all the fans!! They don’t have to wait anymore. Chapter 39 of the manhwa has been uploaded. Yes! The official Twitter account of the writer has updated just a while ago. So, don’t wait anymore and give it a read!

Eyes Clouded by the Tiger: Read Online

Eyes Clouded by the Tiger can be read on the official site of Bomtoon. The manhwa can be accessed in languages like Korean and English. The writers are going to publish the manhwa in various languages soon, so we expect you to not read from illegal sites.

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