Locke and Key Season 02 Ending Explained and More

Locke and Key Season 02 dropped its second season on October 22, 2021. Fans are amazed by the finale episodes and are trying to get together all the pieces.

Locke & Key is a supernatural-based horror drama series that has its origin in America. Carlton Cuse, Meredith Averill, and Aron Eli Coleite are the directors of this popular drama. Ever since its release, it has been one of the most trending shows among the youth. Till now, there are two seasons with 10 episodes each, and we are expecting a third season very soon.


The ending of the series left us all in a bit of thrill and excitement. So let’s see all that we know about season 2 till now.

What happened in the end with Dodge?

Gabe wanted Kinsey to become Demon with the key that Uncle Duncan made. He even threatened her that if she doesn’t accept his offer, he will kill her mother. After Kinsey saw the Alpha Key failing again and again she decided to take the matter into her own hands.

Locke and Key Season 02

With the help of her ancestors, she found a new key that had the power to produce wings. The members of the Locke family and Scott decided to acquire the demon key while Kinsey thought if she could turn away Gabe’s attention towards her, others can acquire the key.

Although Uncle Duncan, later on, realized that because he was the original creator of the demon key, the demons listened to him and soon all the demons were on their side. Then we get to see a final duel between Kinsey and Dodge and when Dodge was almost trying to Kill Kinsey through a chain Key, Tyler arrived at the spot on time and used Alpha Key on him.

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The building collapsed, but Kinsey and Tyler emerged safely because of the angel wings Kinsey had. We see Lucas, in his original form, emerging from the dirt. He was alive because he was an echo and Alpha Key killed Dodge.

Locke and Key Season 02

What happened with Eden?

We see that Eden went to the echo well in search of a new demon friend but as soon as she brings back the monstrous demon Captain Frederick from the well, he spares no time in killing her and throwing her into the well. We can see the new villain for the upcoming season.

Did they bring Ellie back?

As we know, In the finale episode of the first season, Ellie was thrown into the black door but when the door opened again, it gave her the way to escape. She was still in Dodge’s identity. So when Lucas returned, he gave her the identity key and she was back in her original form.

Why didn’t Tyler use the memory key?

Tyler couldn’t bear the traumatic death of his lover by failing Alpha Key. He believed it will be easier for him if he just forgets everything that happened to his close ones. Although we did see Bode restoring the memories of his mother. We can also assume that in upcoming seasons Tyler may use the memory key to keep his family safe.

Locke and Key Season 02

We all are excitedly waiting for new seasons to release soon.

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