Tony Berlin: Top Interesting Facts About Harris Faulkner Husband

We all know who Harris Faulkner is, but do you know about her husband Tony Berlin, or anything about his work? What does he do for a living?

Who is Tony Berlin?

He is a popular journalist and is also known for his works in various shows as an anchor. Popular shows like “Good Morning America” were hosted by him. He is most popularly known for being married to the familiar public figure, Harris Faulkner.

Early Life of Tony Berlin

He  grew up in Los Angeles, California. His year of birth is 1968. Furthermore, his parents were not together since the very beginning of his childhood and he got used to being surrounded by his mother. He also has a sister, and they share an incredible bond. He was very young when he found out about his passion for reporting and journalism. Tony Berlin took his degree from Occidental College.

Tony Berlin

Tony Berlin’s biggest hit was “Good Morning America”. In his young days, he even worked as an intern in various firms such as PBS.  Although he achieved huge fame and success from his show, he soon decided that it was the right time to move forward with his life and take his work in a different direction. He established his own company and began a new journey of his career.

 Net Worth

It can be assumed that because of his popularity and his business success, his estimated amount of net worth can be more than $4 million. However, we don’t know exactly if the figure mentioned here is correct or not as we all know Tony Berlin is a private person and doesn’t share much about his life with the public.

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Tony Berlin
Mandatory Credit: Photo by Anthony Behar/Fox/PictureGroup/Shutterstock (9954416z)
Harris Faulkner, Tony Berlin
American Australian Association’s 70th Anniversary Benefit Dinner, New York, USA – 30 Oct 2018

Facts about Tony Berlin You never knew

  • He changed Universities Tony Berlin was very young when he decided he wants to pursue a career in the field of Journalism. However, while he was studying Journalism as a course, he found himself attracted to the subject of political science and changed his university to pursue the course in same.
  • Started his own company After working with the popular show “Good Morning America”, he decided that it was the right time to begin his own company. It is related to Media Relations and you can see on his Twitter handles, he has vast knowledge in this field. His company was started back in 2011 and it is going well.


  • The secret for happy marriage There is no doubt that Tony Berlin and Harris Faulkner give us the major goal for happily ever after. Maybe one of the reasons for the same is the same interest in the career. Yes! As you can see, they both are from the field of reporting, and we can assume they fell in love with each other while they were at work. They got married in their home state Arizona, and they even own a house together.
  • A life filled with kids and happiness Tony Berlin and Harris Faulkner tied knots with each other in the year 2003 and have been inseparable since then. They share an incredible life with two daughters named Bella and Danika. Tony Berlin never got to experience the love of his father but he has proved to be a better man for his daughters.
  • Political Awareness As we know, he graduated with a major in Political science, you can see on his Social media pages how active he is with political issues and major concerns surrounding the world.
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