All Of Us Are Dead: New Netflix Series, Release date and Watch Online

Netflix has released so many amazing series so far. In 2022, All Of Us Are Dead is one among the numerous series being released next year.

Chun Sung-il is the writer of this thriller story. Lee Jae-you and Kim Nam-Su are directing this series. It is produced by JTBC Studios and Film Monster. The show has cast the actors: Yoon Chan-young, Yoo In-soo, Cho Yi-Hyun, Park Ji-hoo, and Park Solomon.

The series is the live-action adaptation of a popular webtoon called Now at Our School. The webtoon used to be at the top of Wednesday’s comic updates. It was published by Joo Dong-guenon on Naver Webtoon from 2009-2011.

More about All of Us Are Dead

‘All of Us Is Dead’ is based on a popular Korean manhwa, ‘Now at our school’. It has the genre of a zombie apocalypse which has been demanded much in recent years. A deadly virus turns living humans into lifeless monsters. The main characters are forced to face these flesh-eating monsters. They are trapped on the ground floor of their Hyosan High School. The virus spreads throughout their school, affecting their schoolmates.

All the teachers and most students become zombies within a few hours. The victims who turn into zombies start eating living people. The terrified survivors need to fight till they find a way out. Even parents are affected when they come to school in search of their children. The story deals with the psychology of the students in an extreme situation where their friends and families are converted into monsters.

All of Us are Dead: Release Date

The series is scheduled to release in January 2022. It is said to have a total of eight episodes. Since there are many chapters in the manhwa, a season 2 might be following up too.

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All Of Us Are Dead

Watch Show Online

All of Us Are Dead is officially available to watch on Netflix from January 2022.

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