Foundation Episode 8: Release Date, Spoiler, Trailer, Watch Online

Foundation Episode 8 is set to premiere on November 5, 2021, at 3 am ET on Apple TV+. Fans are excited to watch the next episode of the show.

The main history of this show is the idea of science and the concept of friction. David S. Goyer, creator of “Blade Runner”, and Josh Friedman, creator of “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”, have teamed up to produce the science and friction show. From the story of the foundation series, the plot has taken some inspiration from it.

It is a group of fiction as well as science novels, written by Isaac Asimov. In this, we see the foundation of a thousand-year story of The Foundation. A group of exiles who come to admit that the only way they can protect the Galactic Empire is to destroy it by themselves.

Foundation Episode 8 Release Date

Foundation Episode 8 is going to be released on November 5, 2021, at 3 AM EDT on Apple TV Plus. The Title of Foundation Episode 8 is “The Missing Piece“. Jennifer Phang is a director and Caitlin Saunders is a writer of the foundation.

Here are the times in different time zones –

  • 12 AM ET in USA and Canada
  • 5 AM BST in UK
  • 8 AM GST in UAE
  • 9:30 AM IST in India
  • 12 PM SGT in Singapore
  • 1 PM JST in Japan
  • 2 PM AEST in Australia
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Spoiler Of Foundation Episode 8

Episode 8, titled ‘The Missing Piece,’ promises to be a pivotal chapter of the show. There are some missing pieces to the title; the title can refer to them. One of these is a likely one that fits into Hari Seldon’s plan for the future of civilization. Realizing that the plan was going off-track, he remembers that a new and important detail about it may be revealed in the upcoming episode.

The ability to see the future will undoubtedly be explored, but it’s Gaal’s newly discovered ability. The tense situation on the Invictus will get worse as Salvor grapples with the news that she and her fellow Foundation members are on a suicide mission. The Guardian and the Anacreons will most likely have a violent standoff. Finally, Brother Day will follow through on his promise and undertake the Luminists’ dangerous religious journey to the center of the earth.

Foundation Episode 8

Lastly, on the last day of the year, Brother Day is expected to follow through with his promise and undertake Luminism’s brutal religious journey to the center of the Great Spiral. The emperor is about to make a significant move to prove his legitimacy and power to billions of members of one of the galaxy’s most populous religions.

Where to Watch

You can watch all the episodes of Foundation including Episode 8 online on Apple TV Plus.

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