Blue Period Chapter 49: Release Date and Read Manga Online

Blue Period Chapter 49 release date is still not disclosed by the franchise. It’s expected that it may release very soon within a few days.

Blue Period is a very unique and interesting manga series that is a coming-of-age genre manga series. This is a newly published Japanese manga and Japanese writer Tsubasa Yamaguchi writes and illustrates the series. Kodansha and Kodansha USA are the Japanese and English publishers of this series respective.

Like other manga, this series is also a serialized form of Kodansha’s seinen manga. Now, I hope you all get the basic background behind this series, so now let’s talk about the plot of the series.

Blue Period Chapter 49

The Plot of the Blue Period

The Blue Period manga comes under the coming-of-age genre. The franchise started its journey on the 24th of June 2017. After starting their journey till now they completed more than 4 years with great commercial success. In this time span, they already published 11 volumes that completed a total of 48 chapters. And now the 49th chapter is just going to publish soon.

The story focuses on a high school student named Yatora Yaguchi. He is a very popular guy in his school but he is a little bit introvert who frequently faces inner frustrations. One day when he was roaming in his school’s art club then find some beautiful paintings and art collections. He was literally fascinated by the paintings and decided to start painting. And from here the story takes a new way that really entertains their readers.

Blue Period Chapter 49 Release Date

The release date is still not disclosed. But it’s expected that it may release very soon within a few days.

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Blue Period Chapter 49

Where to Read Online?

You can read the manga on the Manga plus platform. Here you just need a subscription to Mangaplus.

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