How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Episode 4 Release Date, Where to Watch.

How a Realist Hero rebuilt the Kingdom made its debut this month on July 4. This series is based on the original light novel by DOJYOMARU published by SHOSETSUKA NI NARO from 2014-2016. This series consists of 13 episodes so this show will run till October.

Basically, if we put it into simple terms the series is about KAZUYA SOMA and he was summoned into another world. He attempts to revive the glory and honor of the kingdom, ELFRIEDEN by incorporating Machiavellianism.

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Where to watch How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom

Regrettably, the show is not available on either Crunchyroll or Netflix but there are other streaming platforms where you can stream the series. Funimation has licensed this show and you can stream it on HULU.

Episode 3 Recap

In this particular episode, the narrator describes strange things as people cook on the wood-burning ovens that use fire-based magic and unrealistic creatures. Everything in this world is done almost with the magic.

The kingdom is still stuck with the feudal system and struggling to revive its economy. Heroes that are summoned from the other world have imparted the magic while traveling. SOMA will have to touch the statue that reveals the nature of his magic and as soon as he touched the statue the nature of magic will strike in his mind.

How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom Episode 4 Release date, where to watch.

LISCIA enters the scene, seen a strange thing that pens are writing on their own, and Souma replies that it is based on the magic called Living Poltergeists where the pen has taken on his consciousness to move on their own.

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Some plan to take LISCIA somewhere and while on their way she asks Souma to tell about his family or if he had a girlfriend. Souma tells that he has only his grandparents, and he is not planning to go back for the time being.

However, they reached the destination of inedible fields yet filled with a vast stretch of beautiful flower plants. Souma starts to tell the reason for the country’s food shortage is because of the huge cotton fields. In this regard, they plan to grow food crops rather than commercial crops. The edible crops include soya beans and potatoes.

Apparently, Souma determines to recruit the people based on CAO CAO’s theory and educate and encourage the people. He proclaims that those who are best in a certain category they will earn a minimum amount of incentives.

When will episode 4 is released?

The series is based on old themes like the feudal system, yet fantasy has been used to make it more interesting. This show is super fun and worth watching. Episode 4 is scheduled to release on July 24, 2021.

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