An Announcement from Warner Bros to release New Anime” Lord Of The Rings”, cast and Much more

Fans are Super excited to hear that finally The Anime film is happening . The Warner Bros Studio is the producer of the Animation Film and the Anime set in the world of JRR Tolkien’s very popular The Lord Of Rings  developed by New Line .

What would be the plot of the Animation Film ?

The Animation film ” The Lord Of Rings : The War Of the ROHIRRIM ” depicts the story of a Legend from the book  Appendix , Helm HAMMERGAND , the ninth King of Rohan and bloody saga Behind Helm’s Fortress “deep ” . The film is set 250 years before the events of The lord of Rings trilogy .

The soul of the film lies in the part where exploring the Helm’s deep which refers to the scene shown Fans actually knew the epic Helm’s deep was going to be a part of film , the greatest battles and the creative visionaries could  be seen in the film .

“Carolyn Blackwood ,Chief Operating Officer At Warner Bros stated that This is the Opportunity to dive back into Middle-Earth  with the team at Warner Bros “. “The dream come true”.

cast of The Feature Animation Film .

The Lord of Rings : The War Of ROHIRRIM will be directed by Brilliant Anime Director “Kenji KAMIYAMA ” has worked for several popular projects such as Television series “Ghost in the shell : Stand Alone Complex ” , ” Blade Runner : Black Lotus ” .and the film is produced by his frequent collaborator Joseph Chou for this epic movie. By this film we can asses the KAMIYAMA’S creative effort relating to Medieval  Fantasy , Although this is his first time experimenting with the Medieval Fantasy Genre.

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Philippa BOYENS , excellent screen writer and Film Producer From New Zealand  is also on the team to work as consultant ,  previously she has a history of working for Lord Of Rings Trilogy(2001) with Peter Jackson and Fran WALSH .

As per the Refined sources Amazon Prime Has been working on Lord Of rings prequal but the other circulations state that it also hoping and working for high  budget Television series .

However , Warner Bros and New Line are more concentration and fast- tracking Their Blockbuster The Lord Of Rings :The War Of The ROHIRRIM and their Voice cast yet to be revealed and it was announced that  Animation work was done at the SOLA Entertainment Voice Casting is underway .

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