Solo Leveling Chapter 147: Release Date, Preview, Read Manga Online, and Spoilers

Solo Levelling is easily the most popular manhwa, among many others that are running currently. The storyline and the characterization are so impressive that fans are eagerly waiting for the manhwa to be animated. Solo Levelling Chapter 147 was previously expected to release on April 7, 2021. However, the publishers moved the release day a week later, and now, the new chapter is releasing on April 14, 2021.

The author of the action-fantasy manhwa, Chu-Gong suffered from health complications last week just before the weekly release schedule. He reportedly tried to complete the work to release the new chapter but couldn’t due to health troubles. The editorial department mentioned that they were very sad to deliver the news and asked the fans to support the author during hard times.

Solo Leveling Chapter 147: Preview

Things are being crazy in the world of Solo Leveling. Our beloved hero, Sung Jin-woo has finally arrived at the hideout of Dong-Su. Jin-hoo was injured and no one intended to cure him, which made Jin-woo angry. Jin-woo then started smashing Dong-Su men. Dong-Su then challenged Jin-woo for thrashing his men. He also wants to know the truth about his brother’s real killer.

Sung Jin-woo responded to Dong-Su by telling him that he can know about his brother’s killer by meeting him in the afterlife. The two then quickly begin to fight against each other and for some moment Dong-Su starts to attack Jin-Woo. But soon, he comes to the realization that he is no match against the S-Class Hunter. Later, Thomas arrives at the scene demanding two fighting men to stop their brawl.

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When Thomas tells Jin-woo to stop attacking Dong-Su, he doesn’t listen and challenges him instead. This makes Thomas angry and feels that Jin-woo had disrespected him. Thomas yells at Jin-woo claiming that he would be teaching him a lesson for the disrespect. Jin-woo and Thomas quickly summons their armies and commences their brawl.

Thomas believes that he can easily defeat Jin-woo gives him a chance to spare his life by apologizing to him, but Jin-woo doesn’t agree. At first, it looked like Thomas had an upper hand, but after a brief fight, Jin-woo started showing his outstanding abilities. Jin-woo continued thrashing Thomas brutally and ate Thomas’s powerful ability — Psycho Kinesis.

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