Loki Episode 1 Ending Explained; Mystery about the Hooded Figure Revealed

Marvel Studios’ and Disney + original series, Loki starring Tom Hiddleston premiered on Wednesday. The series centers around the alternate version of God of Mischief, Loki, after he escaped with Tesseract in the Avengers’ Endgame. Loki’s premiere episode primarily focused on the introduction of Time Variance Authority — an extra-dimensional agency, which is preserving the sacred timeline to prevent multi-dimensional war.

This series will certainly be different from the other series, or movies in the MCU, as things are already getting weirder and strange. It is pretty clear that things are going to be strange in this series after witnessing the most powerful infinity stones is powerless in TVA. Loki later realizes that everything that the events are happening in the timeline just because Timekeepers are allowing it.

When TVA’s hunters capture him and take him to the TVA, he continuously tries to fight them and escape. His cunning, selfish, and manipulative behavior are depicted in every conversation he has with other characters. This version of Loki is still villainous as he was captured after the events of The Avengers, and he hasn’t had his redemption shown in Thor Ragnarök and Avengers Infinity War.

Loki Episode 1 Ending Explained: Who is the man in black cloak?

Inside TVA’s Time Theater, Loki watches his life events and ultimate death at the hands of Thanos. He then embraces the truth that he displays the violent appearance to make him terrifying person so that everyone fears him. However, he admits that it is just a cruel elaborate trick and he himself feels weak. TVA Agent Möbius then finally reveals that why he is trying to work with him.

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Möbius reveals that there is another variant of Loki running around the timeline, killing TVA Hunters and creating chaos. The TVA agents seeks Loki’s help to confront the violent variant of Loki and preserve the sacred timeline. During the ending scenes of the episode, a hooded figure is waiting TVA Hunters in 1859 Salina, Oklahoma and sets them on fire, thus killing. In the upcoming episodes, the TVA and Loki will team up to take down this violent version of Loki, or Loki in turn backstabs them and creates more ruckus, only time will tell.

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