4th Stimulus Check Teased by Joe Biden for July 2021: See if You are Eligible or Not

The IRS has been delivering the third round of stimulus checks since March, under the American Rescue Plan signed by the president Joe Biden. As of June 2021, the IRS has already made more than 167 million direct payments. Millions of Americans are still financially struggling, and some lawmakers are pushing for another round of stimulus checks.

The president of the US hasn’t publicly announced the confirmation of the fourth stimulus. But, he has reportedly teased another rescue plan for the struggling Americans. Several reports claimed that the president and the White House are planning for at least another round of direct payments. Lawmakers are looking forward for an effective relief packages and recurring payments until the pandemic ends.

During the financial crisis caused by coronavirus pandemic, eligible Americans have already received $3,200 as stimulus checks. The first direct payments saw an eligible adult receiving $1,200 as a part of the Coronavirus Aid Relief in March 2020. Later in December 2020, another relief plan processed that delivered additional $600 to the eligible adults. The most recent plan is worth $1,400, signed by Biden in March 2021.

When the next stimulus payments will be available?

President Joe Biden and the Congress are working on the next relief packages. The report suggests that there are two upcoming stimulus packages, if the members of Congress agree on to it. Several Democrats are in favor of another round of stimulus checks and are pressuring for more relief money during the pandemic. Meanwhile, Republicans are completely against the idea of another direct payments.

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Republicans lawmakers mentioned that the economy is uplifting, and the relief packages are discouraging people to return to the work. A survey report claimed that one in four Americans are not able to pay their household expenses and bills. Millions of Americans are still struggling with unemployment and weak labor market. More than 2.3 million people have signed a petition asking for $2,000 monthly payments until pandemic ends.

Following the American Rescue Plan signed in March, two more stimulus has been proposed, according to multiple sources. The next round will arrive only after the $1,400 stimulus checks, child tax credit payments worth $3,600, and $16,000 tax break are paid out.

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