Israel and Palestine Conflict Reached the Violence’s to its Culminated, Killing Nearly 153 People in Gaza.

Israel-Gaza confrontation never stopped and escalated despite the ongoing pandemic of the COVID-19 virus rampant. Last week, Israel and Hamas warned the public by airstrikes and firing people to engender fear killing nearly 53 people.

This time, brutal accrue day by day, when Israel again imposed airstrikes overnight and bombed the home of Hamas Gaza chiefs.

What Happened to the people in Gaza?

In the second week without any admonishment, Israel destroyed a 12-story building in Gaza. which was occupied by the U.S. Associated Press and the Qatar-Based Al Jazeera media operation. So far, 151 Palestine, 61 children reported to be fatalities in this ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine. It is also noted that 38000 Palestine were displaced in Gaza due to the terror attack of their home. And reports stated that severe damage occurred to Hamas’ military infrastructure.

Attacking Tunnels caused the fall of many buildings in Gaza and killed nearly 42 people. The conflict Destroys 18 medical institutions, where the state is running out of drugs- reported by the World Health Organization. Israeli attacked the roadway of reaching hospitals that accelerate a struggle to those who are suffering from Covid-19.

What did the President say about the conflict?

On 15th May Netanyahu, Prime minister of Israel said to the press and tweeted “I don’t think the confrontation may quell soon. It would continue multiple attacks as long as it was necessary.” On the account of this dispute, US President Joe Biden responded to the deadly attack imposed on people of Palestine.

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Israeli spokesperson said to the media that “They have fired 12,000 missiles and are not yet done with us”. And many Hamas military have been affected in this attack, especially 450 buildings in Gaza. 

Many countries consoled the loss of many Palestine’s, where Germany, France and US aided medical emergencies to those families who have lost in the conflict. The brutal act performed by Israel made many countries protest on stopping troubling Gaza anymore. 

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