Madhya Pradesh Government Taken big Steps Towards Children

Shivraj Singh  Chouhan government in Madhya Pradesh is the first state government to come to the aid.

There are children who have become orphans or have lost both of their parents/guardians. While emphasizing that all these children who have lost their parents/either of their parents/guardians as a result of the covid are the state’s duty.

CM declared that all such children/families will receive a monthly pension of Rs 5,000.

“Not only will the children/families receive a  Rs 5,000 monthly annuity.

The state will also insure that they receive free education.The announcement was on Thursday by CM.

Even if these children and their relatives are not entitled to free rations. He also declared that the children’s surviving parent will be given interest-free loans to start a company in order to ensure their survival and care of their children.


According to Chouhan, the State Commission will also provide Rs 2,000 per month to each of these children under it. The government’s current Child Sponsor Scheme, monitor.

The family with whom these children live are truly caring for them or they are just bluffing the government. The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) to all states, the MP State Commission for Protection of Child Rights .

MP government’s Women and Child Development Department (now the WCD department of MP is under the CM himself).

They are tracing all such children who have been parentless/lost either of their parents or guardians to help them.

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  • While two five-year-old twin girls who lost their parents in the Barkheda Pathani district of Bhopal .

They are now living with their maternal uncle’s family in old Bhopal’s Budhwara locality have been found and the government is trying to help them to the fullest.

  • A 12-year-old boy whose  Pani Puri seller father died of Covid in Indore’s Nanda Nagar locality a few years after his mother’s death has also been found.

These children go through a great stress and there are now cwc and government to help them.

  • “Similar incidents of children being parentless after the death father have been reported from Gwalior and Shivpuri, as well as a case in Mubarikpur village of  Bhopal,” .

Apart from these few cases there are  lot of cases other then these some are counted and some cases are uncountable for the government .

  • There was recent case in which the father lost the job of security guard and due to covid the mother was no more and these little children are selling food for there survival.

This pic is take all your heart as these innocent have to work for their survival. Dr. Brajesh Chouhan, a member of the MP State Protection of Child Rights Commission. Hope other states will also take such decisions for the future of children.

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