Chicago Plans to ‘Reopen’ Despite SEVERE Covid Warnings from CDC

Chicago’s Gov. J. B. Pritzker on Monday declared to lift the restrictions the state was put under, due to the ongoing pandemic. The steps are taken by the government after they noticed a decline in the Covid cases since March 31st. Initially, the restrictions will be lifted off but they soon head towards fully opening the state. In his recent appearance at Chicago Pritzker announced –

“It looks to me, it you look at all hospitals admissions data, like we’re in decent shape and moving exactly as I would hope we would for the bridge phase, I believe it may be next week.”

 Chicago To Lift All The Restrictions Soon.

The state’s reopening plan consists of a bridge phase that consists of full-scale reopening, that would allow a wide range of businesses to go ahead with opening their businesses. The restrictions were supposed to get lifted up in March during the time the state finished vaccinating 70% of the 65 and older generation with the first dose. But due to the recent spring surge, this was delayed a bit.

Chicago Plans to 'Reopen' Despite SEVERE Covid Warnings from CDC

So far the state is done vaccinating 9,410,057 doses of vaccine with 16,920 doses of vaccine on given on Sunday. Though this number doesn’t include the remote areas 32,33% of the total population is fully vaccinated.

By July 4 the state will reopen fully with no restrictions for bigger events and festivals. Mayor Lori Lightfoot On Tuesday announced her plans saying

” we will be one of the first cities to fully and safely reopen,”

She announces her plans of fully opening the city by increasing the capacity of people inside the restaurants, bars, gyms, and Churches. She is likely to open bigger places like  United Center. She will also let the farmers, market, and outdoor festivals on large scales.

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People traveling from India to Chicago will be allowed to enter the state only after testing negative or only after they quarantine themselves.  Live performances too will begin after they reopening. Meanwhile, when the state is heading towards complete reopen it will also continue with the vaccination drive. She also spoke about the walking vaccination centers which will let people get vaccinated without an appointment.

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