Meghan’s E-mail Regarding her Making Kate Cry, Read Full Article to know the Truth

Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle been all over the news since the year started. In some previous articles, you will get to read about different reasons why Meghan and Harry have been all over the news and been the talk of the town since the year has started. Meghan, who is currently pregnant with her second child been facing some hard times with her privacy and her relations with Royals.

Apart from all the controversies, Meghan and Harry have successfully managed to show how powerful a couple they are and what all you can do if you have the right partner by your side. Meghan also set an example for all the young ladies and girls which is to identify a negative environment and mention it and just escape without getting too affected by it.

garding her Making Kate Cry, Read Full Article to know the Truth

What is this article all about?

Meghan and Harry have given an interview to Oprah Winfrey, the American talk show host. After the episode telecasted, the royal couple became the talk of the town. Meghan did some serious revelation regarding the royal family which was eye-opening for people all over the world.

Some criticized, some sympathized but the strong couple stood by their statement. Racism of Royals became a big controversy but another revelation Meghan did was about an email that claimed that she made Kate Middleton cry.

What is the issue all about?

As per the revelation made by Meghan, there was a rumor being spread about Meghan making Kate cry before her marriage with Prince Harry which all false. In actuality, Kate made Meghan cry before her big wedding day. When Meghan tried to address the situation by sending mails to royals, they ignored her mails and kept quiet over the rumors but now the Emails Meghan sent have been revealed.

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In the Email, it was cleared out the Kate was unhappy with the flower girl’s dress which upset Meghan and she cried over it. But after sometimes the misunderstandings were cleared out and Kate even apologized to her for the same.

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